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Eminence E.

If you were to make a GTA game

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Eminence E.

If you're to make a Grand Theft Auto game, how would you make it. What features would you add? Which city would you choose? etc, etc.


City name-Mumbai

City description-A city where survival means money, people come here to fullfil thier dreams, some do, but some dont, and who dont, has to enter the world of crime and compete just to survive.


Protagonists description-Dave came to the Mumbai city in the 2050's. He came there as any normal middle-class citizen, but time and people made him suffer poverty. He meets Mark, who gets him involved in drugs trading, street violence, etc. There begins his journey which takes him to even worse days. He realises now he's a gangster, the most wanted in the city.

Main Antagonists-1

Main Antagonists-Mark is the main antagonist. He gets Dave involved into the gangsters life. He uses him for his good. And when he was done, he tried to kill Dave by assigning him dangerous impossible tasks, but Dave always succeeded, and when Dave realised this, it was time to say him good bye.

Features-All the basic features of GTA ability to run your own bisuness, construct your own safehouse, run your own gang with your own unique name, sell and buy furniture and all other stuffs.

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I Made something like this in the GTA Vice City Forums Check it out!


Ok lets start!



Grand Theft Auto Las Venturas


user posted image


City Name: Las Venturas

City Description: A city where you bet millions on Black but lose on Red. A City where the richest f*ckers become janitors. A City where Casino owners are more powerful than the f*cking president.


Setting: Las Venturas 2010


Protagonists: 1

Protagonist description: Max Million is the son of a great Casino owner. But when he is murdered. Max swears revenge. He finds his dad's notebook that has a list of people who

cheated, Betrayed or hated him. Max keeps the list & takes them out one by one. But when he reaches the last guy. Andrew Hurryburg owner of The Visage. Max meets his match

& must use help of all the f*ckers this City has to offer.

Main Antagonist: 1

Main Antagonist- Andrew Hurryburg is a the owner of The Visage in Las Venturas. back in 2000 he had a big argument with Jonathan Million. He was added in John's Hate list. When Max Million blames him on the murder of John. he tries to take him out with his mighty power. however when Max gains stronger power than Andrew. He tries to flee Las Venturas. but Max destroys his Privet Jet when it just took off.


Features- The player has the ability of full customization that only appeared in GTA San Andreas. The player has the ability to modify cars like in SA. The player can Gamble in Casinos. The player can preform street races. Las Venturas has been completely Redesigned. Las Venturas is the size of San Andreas from GTA SA. The player can buy weapons from friends. The player needs Swimsuits to swim otherwise he will drown. NPC Planes can be destroyed but the player will gain a 6 Star wanted level. The player can use Jet skis, Skateboards & Roller skates. The player automatically wears a Sunglasses when its sunny & removes it when its night.


That's it. Maybe I will edit it later.

Edited by Target13

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I'd remake Liberty City as Liberty State with The Carraways and Carcer City included.


It could be Grand Theft Auto x or Grand Theft Auto: Liberty State

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I'd remake Liberty City as Liberty State with The Carraways and Carcer City included.


It could be Grand Theft Auto x or Grand Theft Auto: Liberty State

Great idea!

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There are tons of concept threads on this site. You should go check those out. They are basically exactly what you are talking about.

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If I all of the sudden had creative control over GTA. Housers out, I'm in, I would play it safe at first. GTA VI would be in Vice City. There would be 5 protagonists, but only 3 at a time. The story would take place before and after a certain character leaves prison, and the narrative would weave back and fourth between the two times seamlessly. Things you do in the past are unlocked in the future and flashbacks in the present day take you to the past. Two characters are only in the past, and two characters are only in the present day. The 5th character is the one that goes to prison, being playable as an old man in the present. I would have Vice city include the everglades, complete with alligators and maybe a few of the Florida keys. At least one character would be female, maybe two. Drugs would be the central theme.


Once I have done one game I would get a little crazy and go outside the usual VC/LC/SA mold. I would have three characters and three cities. Dubai, Tokyo and Chicago. Any character can go to any of the three cities but only one is unlocked at the start, and the story sort of pulls the characters from city to city. The game would be a lot more open-ended, more like GTA 1 and 2 in that the player can choose whatever missions to do in whatever order. Some missions require three players and each of the three players has a certain skillset.

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I would make a game set in North Wales, considering I live there! It would have all the main landmarks like Mount Snowdon and Menai Bridge. It would be set in the present day and will even have bilingual English/Welsh signs! Welsh will be available as a language option for text.



- Wrexham

- Bangor

- St. Asaph



- Rhyl & Prestatyn

- Conwy

- Llandudno

- Colwyn Bay

- Flint

- Holyhead

- Caernarfon

- Porthmadog

- Pwllheli

Edited by Ayman1337

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