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Rage against the machine

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<Chang very Robin Hood Like provides the lastest article>


GTA: Vice City Interiors


Insideings THIS!!!:




September 27, 2002 - Variety is the spice of life, they say. After Rockstar's success last year with Grand Theft Auto III, the NY-based publisher has apparently dug deeper into the GTA engine to create a larger world on both the outside (about two times larger than GTA3) and the inside, with new interior gameplay and cutscenes.


Perhaps more poker-faced than ever, Rockstar provides little glimpses of its game and then it says nothing. The strategic back-and-forth teasing is more than some people can take, while for others, it's just part of the ultimate game, which is to eventually explore the entirety of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as soon as possible. Us? we love it. It's a cruel battle gleaning information from the GTA3 makers, but they simply don't want to give too much away before the time is right. Luckily, today, we have cracked some interesting new barriers by weeding out new information on the team's interior design scheme.


Unlike Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City incorporates gameplay taking place inside buildings. Players can walk into hotels, nightclubs and various other house and structures, in which they engage in all sorts of "fun" activities. But how will interiors add to the Grand Theft Auto experience? In other words, what's the difference between running, walking and shooting inside than outside? The difference is that like a subway, mall, or supermarket, players are bound to experience different kinds of things, different people, and perhaps a new side to the civilian life.


A Rockstar representative explained it to IGNPS2 this way: "You can dig deeper into the city. You can pick up something new, or you can hide, or you can explore that building. Just like in the living, breathing city of GTA3, the living and breathing world of Vice City is alive on the inside as well as the outside."




A place for Italian food? Red wine? Or the next murder scene?  





Given the vastness of the city of vice, which is estimated at twice the size of Liberty City, players are certain to find that exploring buildings as well as streets creates a new dimension of exploration and action. But with a world as large as GTA: Vice City, opening the door of every single building is not an easy thing, nor, design wise, is it especially an intelligent idea. So, what Rockstar North has done is to design specialized buildings to enter, each with its own design and function.


"Not only is it unrealistic [to try to open up every door in every building in the game], it would also get pretty boring if you could go into every building," said Assistant Producer Jeremy Pope. "There is actually a diverse assortment of interiors for the player to explore ranging from small stores to huge interiors, like airport terminals. For example, hardware stores, laundromats, police stations and bars are just a few of the many indoor areas that you can visit."


Hm...while hardware stores and laundromats sound intriguing, airports sound far more interesting. Surely, airports lead to helicopters, and helicopters lead to flying, and flying leads to...well, that's a good question, isn't it? Well, to be sure, helicopters lead to newfound fun. Anyway, Two of the most prominent places to enter are The Malibu Club and the Ocean View Hotel, as shown in our exclusive screenshots.


"There will be certain people and objects in specific interior locations that can be interacted with," explained a Rockstar representative. "It depends on the interior. But all of them are worth checking and scoping out. Rockstar North picked and selected areas that are definitely worthwhile.


The interiors themselves look better than we expected. Take for instance the Oceanview Hotel. The hotel boasts a large, clean shiny interior. The floors are waxed, gleaming and offer excellent reflections of the interior. After walking in the doors, players can look back outside the hotel doors or through the windows and see activity, such as civilians walking by and streetlights changing. Tables are set with fine dining utensils, pictures hang on the walls, plants decorate the corners and moving fans hang from the ceiling.


Or you can take a look at the Malibu Club, which boasts entirely different activities and décor. Inside the Malibu Club players encounter Vice City nightlife in action. AI characters dance on the dance floor and it looks as if there is a band on the stage. The interiors here are similar yet different. The lighting is entirely changed from the Oceanview Hotel; darker but also more active, with the moving, multicolored dance lights roaming across the room. There are also split level floors, so you can walk up and down the chill areas, and see the action, or perhaps you can even climb up onto the stage.


"Many of the interiors play an important role in the story of the game," explains Pope. "Others are directly integrated into the mission structure. All the interiors have a purpose, a reason to go inside them and an interactive and important role within the game in their own way."




Getting ready for a very important meeting inside the Oceanview Hotel.  





What's excellent, to be sure, is that there will be missions inside offered inside buildings, in addition to those offered outside. And just as in Liberty City, players can save in more than one place in Vice City. But are they just as drab and spare as in Liberty City? "You may have noticed that Vice City is generally a more superficially glamorous place than Liberty City," explains Pope. "The safe houses are now much more integrated into the game's story and directly proportionate to the success and sensibilities of the player."


So are the gameplay interiors part of the team's original vision? Or are the new interiors a direct response to fan requests?


"I'd say it's really a bit of both," said Pope. "The Grand Theft Auto world is perpetually evolving, and, as with many of Vice City's features, interiors were something we've always wanted to include. Only now, with the further enhancement of Rockstar North's streaming technology, are we finally able to realize this feature as we initially envisioned. Also, we were well aware of the fan base's desire for more of these areas, so we were determined to make these something special."


We'll have more details on the interiors of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the near future.


<Chang makes a quick exit, before the insider police comes...>



:) I Chang

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C Bear
Already been posted twice, but another one can't hurt :p

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Already been posted twice, but another one can't hurt :p

REally! Ok...., Just making sure I was doings my part for the community, AT Large.


Besides it was the thought that errums... count-its?! <Chang kicks pebble, as C Bear walks away with Thunder>


:) I Chang

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Hmmm Beer

Thanks Bro - I Beer just loves reading about Vice City. I am so excited. I can't remember being this excited since...no, definitely can't remember. Probably drunk.


I can't wait, in fact I shall explode.




There.  ;)

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Why is this topic titled rage against the machine? all i know is they are 1 l3adass band!


:music: they can be f*ckin with other niggas sh*t but they cant be f*ckin with mine!

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Why is this topic titled rage against the machine?...

"...I'm swimmin' in half truths and it makes me wanna spit!..."


<Chang slams the MIC and Proceeds to Rampage the IGN Insiders Machine>


:) I Chang

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DJ-Pink Slip

oh chang, when will you ever learn


:) I...... o f*ckit im tired of doing this after every post  :sui:

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