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Drug dealing

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I'm sure we've all heard the game revolves around (or at least begins with) cocaine dealing. My point though, wouldn't it be nice if you could deal on the corner at your own free will for cash. Not just generic "drugs" either, real drugs with real street values that go up and down based on your area. I think it would fit in nicely, go rob some gang members stash and kill everyone on their corner and start slanging for extra cash. Possibly be paged to certain areas with requests for X amount of Z at Q'oclock.. Of course rival gangs wouldn't like you dealing on their turf and the cops would certainly have to chase you if they saw a hand off happen.. Also the occasional undercover officer could approach you for a deal. Might be interesting, sorry if this has been covered before.


Another aspect to this would be the ability to get high on your own stash (some nice onscreen visuals would be nice, impair your driving and all.. and I suppose subtract a bit of health)


Also have some batches of bad drugs, that when sold to a bum or hooker or whoever will kill them. Watch them go around the corner and break out the pipe and drop dead.. Good stash would keep the people coming back.


So again, sorry if this has been covered here (this is my first post).. and if this feature is already going to be in Vice City in one form or another.. well then,  :r*:


What do you all think?

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yea and a side job could be drivin dealers round and he could pay you in drugs

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that would be fun and then undercover cops come and arrest u and u can smoke the sh*t and the screen get blurry.... oh man that would be crazy

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