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Here's Something Fun to Do

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Okay, I found a physics glitch of sorts while playing this game last night. I'll explain it below.


First, go to southern edge of Middle Park in Algonquin. Look along this road (if you go past the width of Middle Park, you've gone too far) for The Majestic Hotel.

Second, if you don't already have one, get a sedan. A car like a Merit will work.

Third, navigate the car through either of the front doors and the next single middle door. (Obviously, they are both double doors. You couldn't fit a car through otherwise.)

Fourth, park that car in between the two tables in the lobby with the cars grill facing the desk.

Fifth, get out of the car and go outside.

Sixth, get another sedan and park it horizontal against the door going into the lobby in the small room where you navigated the first car. (Burn outs help in evening out the car.) Make sure it covers the entire door.

Then, jump on top of the car and crouch to get through the doors.

Next, get the first car that is still in between the two tables and park it in the same way as the other car. (Except do it on the reverse side, obviously)


There! If done right, no one can enter or leave the hotel. The doors that are blocked are bulletproof as are the windows next to them. Be warned though, the two windows in the small room that are next to small chairs are NOT bulletproof. You can get shot if you stand there. When the cops come in, they will try to fire at you to no avail. (From the front) There is usually around nine people you can kill to get a 2-3 star wanted level. The only way I was able to kill cops was to use sticky bombs on the two giant windows opposite each other on either side of the lobby. Make sure you throw them far to the edge so you don't hit the cars. Detonate or shoot when the cops come near that spot.


Well, that's it! Hope you guys have fun with this!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I originally discovered this at a GTA IV Burger Shot. But there is little room so it was much harder.

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I've tried this and its so f*cking fun with cop battles

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i'm trying to comprehend this now, but will print it out and try it. thanks for posting!

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I've tried this and its so f*cking fun with cop battles


It sure is!

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haha yes I love doing this

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Fisciletti, was that your first time doing that?

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