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Pilot School Hydra doesn't spawns



I'm currently replaying GTA: San Andreas on my PS3 and just got to the Pilot School part, so I got all Gold at the tests but the Hydra isn't spawning at the abandoned airport, I've searched for him but I can only find the two other planes... I'm SURE I got all Gold at the tests, please help. Maybe I just don't know where it spawns or maybe it just becomes available after the Toreno missions, please help me... confused.gif

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4 answers to this question

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Just as you said, the Hydra is only available after passing the Vertical Bird mission. The only planes available immediately after passing the Pilot School with Gold are the Rustler, Hunter & Stuntplane. After that, when you pass the Up, Up and Away! mission, the Leviathan will spawn in the place of the Hunter when arriving from Eastern San Andreas, while when arriving from Western San Andreas, the Hunter will be back on it's place.

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Thank you very much, I was starting to think the game glitched on me lol smile.gif

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Your question has been answered, but I just wanted to add: After completing Vertical Bird, the Hydra spawns under the hut next to the Rustlers hut. Also, the large air vehicle garage can only store 4 despite its large size. Store more than 4 and some will vanish. Additionally, a jet-pack spawns after Green Goo, adjacent to the save point building. Upon completion of the Up, Up & Away mission, the Leviathan loses its hoist. The Hunter spawns on the marking near where the Stunt Plane spawns; the Leviathan spawns adjacent to it. However, (as pointed out), they never spawn at the same time. You will find an Uzi amongst the rubble adjacent of the large garage.


Just thought you needed this information, seeing as you seem new to the game.

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Thanks for the additional info, I've only beaten SA once and at the time I was really young and barely made it to Bronze at the Pilot School tests so I just rushed that part of the game and never really cared for those details about Verdant Meadows... but now I'm replaying it 8 years later and starting to understand how things work at the airport. smile.gif

Edited by Calanguento

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