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HellRazer XL

Only 1 month!

Recommended Posts

HellRazer XL

I cant wait!w00t!

only one more month!

i cant beleave it! lol!

:D  :happy:  :)

*dies of exitement*

w00t!!!!i cant wait!!!

i hope the month flys by like every month does! :D

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YES!  I was just about to post the same topic!  :D   :D  :D

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ThUg AnGeL
Well, the month will probably go by slow just because we can't wait.  They need to release it sooner, no one wants to wait any longer

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LOL the more and more i see those kind of post the more and more im about to kill myself (witch means the more i get exited about it)

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Indeed... so close to being unleashed in vice city.. My excitment is comparable to the first day I actually bought my PS2.. Unexplainable really.. maybe I'm an addict.. I've been playing my scratched GTAIII game lately (which freezes whenever I play a car radio, and at other random times, as well as on every mission.)


I don't care what bill is going unpaid.. I am buying this game on the 29th.. I don't care how many old ladies I have to smash with my lousiville slugger in line at walmart.. I will have the game. And if i dont.. I might come to your house and take yours..... :devil:

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yeah, not long now..i,m getting reeally excited, wicked!

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