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Auto Mission Completer

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Long back when I was playing Vice City and was having trouble completing certain missions, I remember finding a hack/cheat here which would just make the mission auto complete as soon as you run on the pink marker. I think it had to something with replacing the main.scm file in the "data" folder.


I can't seem to find it here again. Has it been removed? Can anyone help me with it? I don't think the new members would have heard of it, but if in case you do know what I'm referring to, could you please point me in the right direction?

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Omg..my apologies. I found it here at http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=397970 (TimeVault).

No problem... glad you found it.


For those that don't know what this is-- it is a mission passer code tool.... with the modified main.scm file swapped with original-- ANY pink mission marker mission and any vehicle checkpoint mission or race will be instantly passed--- it will also teleport you a short distance away so you will not complete the mission after the one you just started (as the pink markers are almost always in the same place).


There are 2 known bugs with it-- the money pickup icons for printworks and boat yard will not be created so you can never collect money from those assets.


I have verified that it will NOT affect your ability to get 100%-- I completed EVERY MISSION POSSIBLE with this code tool and still got 100% on a save---



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