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Multiplayer in vice city? ... try this ...

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With it looking like there won't be a multiplayer option for Vice City I have decided to send this post to you all.  Maybe some of you have tried this before but I'm going to post it anyway.


With no m-player facility available on GTA3 for PS2 you are pretty stuck when you are playing the game with your mates round at your house.  A few weeks ago me and a few friends decided to have a GTA3 tournament.  This basically involved 4 people, 4 PS2's, 4 copies of GTA3 and 4 TV's all together in the same room.

The aim of the game was to start the game at the very start in Portland with no cheats, walkthroughs or any other crap and play the game in two 4 hour contests to see who could complete the most in the game percentage wise.

This proved really successfull and everyone thought it was a good laugh as it gave you the opportunity to complete the game as you knew best like what missions to do first and to get as many hidden packages as you could or do as many taxi/viglante missions to bump up your game completion percentage so you could win the tournament.

Someone try this and write back and let me know if you found it as useful or enjoyable as we all did .....

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Mr. Wongs
Although it seems like a good idea, having "4 people, 4 PS2's, 4 copies of GTA3 and 4 TV's all together in the same room" is pretty demanding and hard to get. This idea did flash through my brain a little while back, and I'm surprised siomeone actually tried it.  :bored:

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Has anyone else tried anything similar to this ?  I know alot of people with PS2's and GTA3 but it was pretty easy to setup.  You should try it if you can even if it's just 2 PS2's, 2 GTA3's, 2 TV's and 4 people.  You can play as a team and it's pretty good fun when you are slagging the other team off cos they keep getting killed.

It beats playing the same routine each time especially when you have completed the game more than once.

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