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Proper BO!

Opm article

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Proper BO!

Check out http://www.gta-vc.tk/ for more info from the latest OPM article, there's sum new info i'll paste my fav bit:



The Faggio and The Sanchez: There are motorcycles. Everyone knows that. But what you won't know, until you buy the game on Oct. 29 at least, is that there are more hogs than the Harley clone you've seen sprinkled about the Web. The Faggio, a moped-style Vespa clone (shown to the right in magnificent fashion), is one bike that might not be on your radar. The best part about it is that, when doing drive-by's, you can actually shoot straight ahead. The biggest secret this side of two-wheeled transportation is a dirt-bike called the Sanchez. Where'd they get the name? Do the math.




A dirt bike sounds gr8  :D  wat u think?

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proper bo tess! a dirt bike wud be cool!!

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PSM is out tomorrow, that ought to have some new info too.


Oh, Fishi. The bird's called Kez



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Proper BO!

Oh, Fishi. The bird's called Kez



lol Bo Selecta! kicks ass!


The dirt bikes are gonna be Proper BO! cant w8 to ear dennis hopper too

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Its almost time for Kentpaul.co to be updated as well usually the beggining of every month

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