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Master of San Andreas


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Master of San Andreas

One kill can change everything


As promised, Blackout is here! It is going to be a video game script story, Feedback welcome and appreciated.



When Chris Martin’s dad dies in a shootut by some Russian Mafia. Chris’s life will change forever. The shootout leaves him in debts as he goes all over arrrington in order to avenge his fathers death. Will he be successful? Find out.


CharactersThese will be updated as the story progresses, warning I will not be using spoiler tags for this section.]


Chris Martin


Introduced: Introduction

Killed: ---


Son of James Martin, after his father’s death he seeks help from Uncle Charles who runs a business factory, in order to earn some money.


James Martin


Introduced: Introduction

Killed: Introduction


Father to our protagonist, sadly he is killed in the introduction itself.


Uncle Charles


Introduced: Introduction

Killed: ---


Brother of James, Chris seeks help from him to get some money. Charles never liked James nor Chris and as a result treats Chris badly, He runs a business factory which is suffering from competition from others and has Chris to help him defeat his enemies in return for money.




Introduced: Introduction

Killed: ---


Wife to Charles, she is the co-owner of the factory. She also dislikes the Martin family and treats Chris ill just like Charles treats him. Despite being the co-owner of the factory she does nothing to help her husband defeat his enemies in the factory.


Click for the temporary map of Arrington. Just a rough map I drew in a hurry to give you guys a better picture of the state,


Mission List



Mission Name Mission Giver
Introduction(in first post itself) None


Chris Martin is waiting in the airport for his father, James Martin. There is a huge crowd of passengers also waiting in the crowd.


Finally Chris spots his dad wearing a jacket and carrying a suitcase.


Chris: Dad, here I am!


At the sound of the name James looks in Chris’s direction and runs forward and the two of them embrace with tears in their eyes.


James: How are you son?


Chris: Fine dad, how was the business back there in Mexico?


James: Err…Not very good to be honest, we don’t have much money now.


Chris: Oh….


Before any of them could say a word, a masked group of men storm the airport and open fire. Chris ducks wildly and falls to the ground. People scream but his father is nowhere to be seen, fear leaps up in his chest.


Chris: Dad, where the hell are you?!


And then he spots his father lying dead upon the ground, blood pouring from his head, Chris cannot believe it he runs down and crouches below to his father.


Chris: Dad…Dad please no don’t die.


The shooting continues above his head but Chris does not care, all he cares about is the dead man below him, the one who loved him, the one who he loved so much.


It took perhaps a minute for him to realize that the shooting had stopped; he stood up on his feet as the screen fades to black




You are now standing in the airport; James’s body lies at your feet, there are bodies and blood everywhere.

Police have arrived at the scene, people are crying and screaming and by the sound of it, a plane has been bombed on the runway.


Chris: sh*t, I have to get to Uncle Charles’s place.


On the top right of the screen is your weapon inventory, currently set to fist and below that is your money bar currently at zero dollars and below that is your health meter currently at 52% due to the injury you sustained during the shooting.


A message flashes on the screen Get a vehicle.


There are no vehicles near the airport area, so run a few meters until you spot a vehicle, make sure the police do not see you or you will get a wanted level.


After you jack a car, a message will appear on the screen Go to Uncle Charles. There is a C for Uncle Charles somewhere in Freetown. The GPS in the car will tell you where to go. As you drive the media will report about the Airport shooting.


Once your reach Charles’s place, stop in the pink marker, once you do that the screen will fade to black and a cut scene will play.



Chris knocks on the door of Uncle Charles’s house, it is answered almost immediately by him.


Charles: What the hell do you want, sh*tbag?


Chris: My dad is dead in the shootout at the Airport.


Charles: Wow that’s a shocker, so what do you want loser?


Chris(angry): Well I am in debts and I have no money, I can do jobs for you in return for money.


Charles: That’s it sh*tbag? Well come in let’s talk about your sh*tty job.


Controlling his temper Chris follows Charles into the hallway where he spots his wife Jesse.


Jesse: What is he doing here dear?


Charles: He wants a job dear; His good-for-nothing father was killed in the shootout at the Airport.


Jesse: Good riddance.


Shaking with fury, Chris sat on the sofa facing Charles:


Charles: So you know I run an empire?


Chris: Yeah…..


Charles: There are some sh*tbags like you trying to compete to defeat it and I want you to finish of them.


Chris: Ok.


Charles: I’ll pay you quite well; let’s hope that you are up for the task.


Chris: Right


Charles: Go upstairs; I’ll call you later when it’s time.


Chris gets up and walks out of the room as the screen fades to black


Mission Passed![/color]

Edited by Master of San Andreas

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Bit of an interesting start. I question why he'd go to relatives who clearly despise him and his deceased father, though. Also your airport is gigantic LOL.

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Master of San Andreas


Bit of an interesting start. I question why he'd go to relatives who clearly despise him and his deceased father, though. Also your airport is gigantic LOL.

Bit is atleast better than none, thanks for the feedback, I forgot to mention that they were his only remaining living relatives, else he'd have to spend his life on the streets. That's just a rough airport, it's much smaller than that. tounge.gif

Edited by Master of San Andreas

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