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Undrowning Glitches and Spots


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Not steep enough. You might have better luck near the airport. Hm... Looking over the Getting Out of the Water post by fnxrak it looks like his alternate spot is a bit different than the one I used for slow or tall vehicles. I generally beach south of the hangars, although sometimes it's difficult to get much momentum build up there. Maybe his spot works better.

When I brought a Barracks to LS I nabbed the one at Area 69, undrowned at Hampton Barns (blocked by a large rock on PS2), and beached east of Palomino Creek, but I'm not sure if it's the same spot as shown on fnxrak's map. I was using a beach recommended by GTA Phreak. I'll see if I can find some reference.


Yeah, not quite the same spot.


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Wow great job posting so many different spots, wish I knew more about these when going for rare vehicles in my starter save.


Hey im wondering if anyone is interested in what you can do for a starter save in GTA V? Its not really the same with so much of the map unlocked right from the word go, but I am keeping an eye out for something interesting to do with the game.

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I made a video with converting Dumper to AP vehicle. Found a new spot to get out of the water especially for this vehicle.




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hello all) and thanks a lot for this guide. I know about underwater glitches but dont know how to made all-proof vehicles using this bug. There is my video about it. Video with russian language but no need to listen speech, just watch footage. I show some places where cj can easily leave underwater area and teleports to closest ground instantly in this video 


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Detailed explanation of how to glitch with a submarine to float underwater on a hovercraft.

I also learned a new method for getting a jetpack underwater. To do this, you need to sail on a boat close to any of the underwater places or find someone else's boat and sit on its surface using a jetpack. The former driver of the boat will run to drown himself in the water, and when we take off the jetpack, he will appear at the bottom exactly under the place where the boat was. After that, you can dive under the water and take it. And as soon as we stand on our feet under water using an underwater bug - the jetpack will appear with us. You can, on the contrary, first stand on your feet under water and only then go to the place where the jetpack awaits us at the bottom

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