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[III Classic/DE] Natural HD Textures for III


Recommended Posts



Download NHDT (GTA3 Definitive Edition) (50 MB)

Latest release: 11/18/2021


Download NHDT (GTA3 Classic) (589 MB)

Latest release: 10/06/2019




TEXTURE COMPARISONS (Original vs. Remake)

































This beta is the result of the mod being restarted several times over the last three years. In summary, the mod is now a cocktail of my own creations, LCS Mobile textures, and original HD texture source material used by Rockstar for GTA3 (thanks DimZet). Each texture has been cherry-picked and tailored to fit the GTA3 aesthetic.


1024px and 512px are the new standards for most surfaces, and all textures are now compressed with DX1 (DX5 for alpha based textures). With 145 TXD files in total, I managed to get the total file size of hdtex.img down to 449 MB. All textures are also mipmapped.

Thank you for everybody's patience during the extended development of this release. While not every suggestion made it in, I tried to incorporate as many good ideas from this topic as I could where I saw them. Hopefully, it paid off!




GTA3 is a game that will be played by gamers across the world for years to come. As technology has progressed, 4K is slowly becoming the standard display resolution for gaming. The only problem? GTA3 was a game built to be played on the PlayStation 2 with 480p CRT televisions. On these newer displays, there is no denying it hasn't aged gracefully.

Some teams have built large scale mods in an attempt to improve overall graphics of the game and give it a fighting chance. Most of these fail to retain the certain patina that Liberty City has developed over time, which has grown on the older fans of the series. Despite making Liberty look better, they tend to make the game feel less familiar.

NHDR takes the common textures in GTA3 and gives them a well-needed spit and polish. Each texture has been cherry-picked, changed up, or rebuilt from scratch to replicate their blurry counterparts as closely as possible. By doing this, many old school GTA3 fans will enjoy a nicer looking game while not feeling far from home. While this is not a total retexture, roughly 80% of textures seen during gameplay are replaced.

There is no fancy business or messing around here. This is what we already know and love, with an all natural feeling update!



  • City landscape and buildings
  • Trees
  • Billboards and posters
  • Particles
  • Fonts
  • Weapon icons (III mobile, recoloured to PC by default)
  • Game menu
  • Splash screens
  • Main loading screen




Other mods I recommend using with NHDT

Xbox Vehicles by DimZet13

GInput by Silent

SilentPatch by Silent

Sharptrails by The Hero

SkyGfx by The Hero

Project2DFX by ThirteenAG

Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG

HQ GTAIII Radar by yojo2

Edited by Dingleman
Definitive Edition Download
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The billboards are the best thing about this mod. Awesome!

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Fix the weapon icons and it's solid gold!

good work!

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Glad people see eye to eye with me on this.


Here's a taste of the menus and splash screens.


Menu backgrounds are now 2048x2048, while splash screens are 2048x1024.


user posted image


user posted image




Oh, and here's the main load screen. (now 2048x2048)


user posted image

Edited by dingleman
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That's just awesome mate. smile.gif


The yellow bar in the menu though looks a bit plain, without the border-like stuff on it. That made it more .... 3d-ish.


For showing off, you should use something else, since jpg makes the pictures look like sh*t.

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Good catch, I'll sort it out tomorrow.


And I'll keep that in mind wink.gif

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The quality seems decent icon14.gif


Have you been using III Mobile leftovers for title splash screen?

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Awesome mod.


Once again, I do NOT intend to derail this, but are you using XBOX and GTA IV textures?


The XBOX version has more clear and HD versions of some original textures. GTA IV's textures are basically GTA III but in HD. Be careful using IV's though, since it also has much more newer ones. Make sure only to use ones that look extremely similar to the original. Try to use completely new ones you've found online as well.


This looks great. Finally, a retexture of III that keeps the original vibe. icon14.gif


EDIT: You don't have to do this, but a good idea could be to get XBOX cars and peds. These stick out, as you say, like a baboon's ass.

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It is not a TOTAL retexture. It only covers the lacking areas around the city that I felt stuck out like a baboons ass.





It's a complete retexture of the entire game?



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Nice work. We got a original texture in HD mod going for GTA III, and one going for GTA SA. I hope someone does one for GTA VC.

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@ SilentPL

Nope. I used the artwork Rockstar re-released on their website as wallpapers in high def.


@ Death

The only textures I haven't made were a couple of posters that were already in the Xbox version, and even most of them I've remade because I didn't think they fit. I didn't use Xbox or IV textures for anything else either. And my only problem with Xbox peds would be that they don't have detachable limbs from what I remember (correct me if I'm wrong). I really wouldn't want to take that out of the game. tounge.gif



Just a couple more comparisons for the road.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Original vs. Xbox vs. My version (Drawn with a lead pencil by yours truly xD)


user posted image

Edited by dingleman
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Looks nice ! biggrin.gif

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I hope you'll decide to replace most of the textures, instead of the ones that are really looking out of place, because these are f*cking awesome!

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Forget playing GTA 3, I like just looking at the before and after of these textures and being wowed by them.


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I wasn't going to, but due to the overwhelming feedback, I've decided to release an early beta.



GTA Mod Installer v5 by cpmusick (Used for automatic installation)


There is still one or two billboards I haven't done (and am working on), and a few patches around the city here and there where I haven't placed the new textures in. However, I felt there is still more than enough work here to constitute a release.


With this progress, we just may see a new beta within the fortnight.




> Download and SAVE the mod.

> Download and run GTA Mod Installer v5 by cpmusick.

> Click "Continue" on the main screen.

> Select "Install a mod (with a script file) to GTA3 or Vice City" and click Next

> Select "I want to select the ZIP or RAR file that has the mod's files." and click Next

> Find "GTA3_Natural_HD_Textures.zip" and click Next.

> Let the installer do its thing, and if all goes well the mod should be installed. smile.gif

Edited by dingleman
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Forget playing GTA 3, I like just looking at the before and after of these textures and being wowed by them.

This icon14.gif


Hope someone comes with GTA: LC port for this. It may really refresh the game.

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Or a SA:LC port, Since the creator of this mod is the leader of SA:LC too.

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I think GTA III needs bigger resolution textures AND new models. Because, even with new textures everything looks blocky.

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