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Possible future gta in Vice City

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As difficult as it would be to pull off due to the iconic 80's Miami setting and soundtrack etc., I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that a remake of a future vice city could, potentially be great. If the character and nostalgic element of the original were to be combined with some of the multifaceted and fun elements of San Andreas, like bunny-hopping off a bmx on Mt. Chiliad and then parachuting all the way down, then such a game, if it could be created would be great. In Vice City I felt an enhanced ability to spend my money more than in any other gta, like being able to buy a seaside mansion and collect revenue. In gta games in general, money is easily obtained, perhaps too easy and it is taken for granted, with little ways to spend or implement it as part of the main game.

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GTA VI will most likely be set in Vice City. We need an updated VC, with realistic elements.

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I expect GTA VI to be set in Vice City and Liberty City together, with two protags and traveling between cities using a plane.


Of course it will never be THAT Vice we all know and love, but I know they'd manage to set up a good game still ad would bring back a lot of good moments.

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Kill Frenzy!

I think there will be two states in VI, San Andreas and Vice City state... We will see, San Fierro, Las Venturas and Vice City. With the next-gen that can be possible... San Fierro on the north east coast, next to san fierro we must see many mountains and deserts, much deserts and then there will be 20 miles away las venturas... So San Fierro and Las Venturas will be San Andreas state and will be one island and then Vice City should be a standalone Island in south west so if you're in vice city you can travel to LV or SF. and as the storyline, it must start on vice city of course.

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GTA VI. VIce City.

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