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Scrapyard Challenge

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Right, so I really suck playing with a Controller at the moment, I can't even get 22 Points (yet), and I wanna get at least 31, but I can't really do that, let alone all gathering 40 points.


I mean, is that even possible? Has anyone ever done that, I really want to do it (Since I managed to get 61 Points in SA's Kickstart).


I did find it here, some guy did it, but other than that, I have none.


Tl;dr: Is it possible to get 40 points in the Scrapyard Challenge whatsoever?

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Yes, I accomplished it ONCE. I remember getting the bonus for crushing cars, and when I saved it went away.


It appeared to me there was only one way to do it and that was follow an exact path around the junkyard and you have to be as quick as possible.


A couple of jumps annoy me. Other than that if you can get the path right it ought to work out.

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Do you know the exact route for that, or can you at least remember it?

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I'd like to bump this since nobody answered.

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I remember, I did once (Or close to 40. I know I had more than 35) but I didn't play it for a while so I don't remember the route. I'll try to get you a map or something if I will get it right again. Edited by WildBrick142

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Arsen Vitiuk

Well, I as well did not get 40 points... Ever. Maximum registered record I had was 32...


Try to work out the route that fits you the best. I used different routes to collect those 32 points, in the end... Start off with easy ones, but don't drive around for too long. Collect all coronas in one part of the junkyard first, then move to another - that's my tip.


Another tip: if you cannot get a checkpoint from your first try, leave it, go fetch the others. Return to it in the end, if you still have time.

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Eh the thing is, for the 40 Points, the amount of time is so low, I'm going to have to flawlessly pick every one at my first try, if I fail at the first try, I'm f*cked.

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Arsen Vitiuk

Yeah, I know. Just keep going on, using a method of trials and errors. Keep practicing, if you must.


You won't die from trying - well, at least, not in this case.

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I dont even remember what I got but it wasn't 40. I may go back to it now that I have read this topic smile.gif

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Well, 1 year later, I'm bumping this topic because I'm curious to see if anyone managed to record it.

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Is 22 points enough for 100% completion or I should get 31?

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Well, I just got 100%, so 22 points is enough for this.

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Posted (edited)

Hey all,


I know this is an old thread, this is for anyone else who comes across the thread, or for any of the old posters if you’re still interested.  I was able to get all 40, but it was really difficult- it took about 7 hours of grinding.   This was on the ps2 version, played on a ps3.  No video unfortunately, but I do have an image from the stats screen.


Here’s the route I used:  If practiced enough, it will get you to all the coronas before the time runs out, with maybe enough time to go back and grab one you missed if you’re really quick. (I ironically missed the easiest one- the green directly in front of the compactor, and I had just enough time to grab it at the end).   This route attempts to put the most difficult ones in the first half, so they get the most practice if you grind.

-I first go straight and make the jump up off the grass to the small trailer.  Hitting the grass directly in front of the trailer head on usually works well.    

-Then I drive off the back, turn left, and go up the 2 very skinny boards to grab the amber and red coronas.

- then I drive left off the bus, turn around, and make the jump off the compactor conveyor belt to grab the red.

-next I drive to the left of the trash heap in front of me, up the ramp (to street level) and grab the green.

-Then turn straight around, down the green ramp, and up the steep trash heap to grab the red. 

-Next, and this is a tricky one, ride to around where the garbage truck spawns, do a 180, and drive straight to the makeshift car ramp to make the jump to the storage building roof the Sanchez leans against.  A slightly forward tilt on the left analog stick seems to help him make the jump instead of falling off the bike, but it doesn’t always work. 

-Then drive off the roof, grab the easy green corona the bike faces right at the start of the challenge

-Turn right, make a 270 degree turn and go up the generous ramp to the top of the bus and grab the yellow

-drive off the bus and grab the other easy green right in front of the compactor

-Take a right underneath the crane, drive up the hill towards the ocean, make a 180  to your left, then down the hill for the ‘green, red, green’ sequence from one trash heap to the other, landing you near the main road.

-Do a 180 to the right, drive over the trash heap just to the left of where you picked up the green corona (if you’re facing the 2 trash heaps).  Drive carefully on this narrow pass to pick up the yellow and the green coronas.  Do a careful 180 at the green, drive up the high ground, and pick up the yellow, and jump to get the red.

-Do a 180 to your left once on the main road, and drive over the trash heap to the narrow pass again, once again making the 180 where the green used to be.  This time, take the low route, and make the jump to get the other red corona.

-Drive to the left towards the gas station, back to where the green corona at the top of the hill used to be.  Make the jump to the 3 car stack to grab the yellow corona.  This is the last one on route, if you missed any and still have time left, now’s when you can try again if there’s any time left. 

The reward for 40 is still 8x junk value.  I hope this helps someone,  good luck!

Edited by GTA_Scientist

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