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The button layout on PS3

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What do you think the button layouts will be on PlayStation 3? And what do you hope it is like? There are many new features that will require some buttons for them, but many of the older useful features are on their spots.


This is how I expect the foot controls to be on PS3:


Right stick - Look around, aim

Left stick - Move around

Dpad up - bring out phone, select a character

Dpad down - zoom out the map, select a character

Dpad left - select a character, previous weapon

Dpad right - select a character, next weapon

Select - tap: change view, hold: bring out character selection

Start - Pause menu

X - Spring

Circle - Reload

Triangle - Enter vehicle

Square - Jump

R1 - Use cover

R2 - Shoot

R3 - Tap: special ability

L1 - Single tap: holster weapon, hold: weapon wheel

L2 - Bring out weapon, Aim down the sights

L3 - Tap: crounch, hold: Prone?


On this layout there's no place for quickly looking behind (R3 on previous GTAs) sad.gif


Any thoughts?

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L1/R1 shooting

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ew oh no not the RDR Controls i mean its cool, but not for GTA, I'll use Classic like i did when i first started IV.

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R2 - Accelerate

L2 - Brake/reverse

R1 - Handbrake

L1 - Aim weapon

R1 with L1 held - Fire weapon (This is actually realistic. Try pulling the handbrake, turning a steering wheel and firing a submachine gun out of your window at the same time. Unless you're that blue guy from Futurama, which hopefully you aren't. Because that would be bad.)

Select - Open character wheel

Up (tap) - Bring up phone

Up (hold) - Taunt

Left/right - Change radio station

Down (tap) - Zoom out minimap, display street name, vehicle you're inside, generally the same as IV

Down (hold) - Operate retractable roof (only applies to certain vehicles)

L3 - Horn/Sirens and emergency lighting

R3 - Look behind

Square (tap) - Change weapon

Square (hold) - Switch between dimmed/full beam

X - Activate special

Circle - Nitrous

Triangle - Exit vehicle

Triangle (hold) - Switch on/off engine


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They said in one of the previews that the d-pad was for switching characters, so it might mean that we'll be getting the weapon wheel from RDR.


X: Sprint

Triangle: Jack car

Square: Jump/hold to roll

Circle: Melee

R1: Take cover

L1: Weapon Wheel

R2: (if not aiming) Interact with people/(if aiming) Fire weapon

L2: Aim weapon

Dpad up: (if not aiming) Michael/(if aiming) Activate special ability

Dpad left: (if not aiming) Franklin/(if aiming) Switch to left shoulder

Dpad right: (if not aiming) Trevor/(if aiming) Switch to right shoulder

Dpad down: (if not aiming) Multiplayer character/(if aiming) Do a 360 degree turn

R3: (if not aiming) Look back/(if aiming) Zoom

L3: Duck

SELECT: Access phone

START: Pause game

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Right stick - Look around, aim

Left stick - Move around

Dpad up - Character selection wheel (up: Michael, left: Trevor, right: Franklin, down: Multiplayer)

Dpad down - Cell phone

Dpad left - Whistle/call for taxi

Dpad right - To curse and give middle finger

Select - Map

Start - Pause menu

X - Hold to sprint Sprint and a single tap to jump. (To jump while sprinting you will have to hold X and tap once when you wish to jump.)

Circle - Roll/take cover/roll from cover to cover/handbrake when driving

Triangle - Enter and exit vehicle/deploy parachute

Square - melee

R1 - Shoot

R2 - Accelerator

R3 - Tap: to reset camera to default 3rd person view, Hold to activate special ability

L1 - To open a weapon wheel and Aim, when driving it is used to select camera angle.

L2 - Reverse/brakes, hold L2 to activate human shield(when near an enemy)

L3 - Tap: crouch, hold, double tap to crawl/horn when driving

Edited by zainzombie

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On foot:


X = run (hold), sprint (tap)

Square = jump, climb obstacles, take a human shield (hold)

Triangle = enter/exit vehicles, ditch parachute / scuba gear

Circle = Reload weapon, close phone


Up arrow = Bring up phone

Down arrow = Character selection (hold), right stick to select

Left arrow = 'Stay' for Chop

Right arrow = 'Follow' for Chop


Left Stick = Move character

L3 = Flip off

Right Stick = Move camera, move crosshair

R3 = Look behind (hold)


L1 = Whistle for a cab

R1 = Weapon wheel (hold)

L2 = Aim

R2 = Shoot etc.


Select = Inventory & statistics (for skills)

Start = Pause / map


Dunno where to put the special ability. Whatever...

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Press circle to talk but holding it down brings up a selection of animations/phrases to say/do.

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Select - quit the game

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The controller layout will probably be similar to GTA IV's controller layout combined with that of Red Dead Redemption. The below is my guess for GTA V's controller layout assuming there will be a "Classic Controller" option as there was in GTA IV.


Left-stick: Movement

Right-stick: Move camera, select weapon (with weapon wheel brought up), use hydraulics (when in the appropriate vehicle), Zoom in/out.


Select: Change camera viewpoint.

Start: Pause/Main Menu.


D-pad up: Bring up mobile phone (while not aiming a weapon)

D-pad down: Bring up map for character selection (tap), access multiplayer (hold), (tap, while aiming) switch between combat strafe and combat run/jog

D-pad left: Select prev. character (on foot), change radio stations (in vehicle), (tap, While aiming) left shoulder aim.

D-pad right: Select next character (on foot), change radio stations (in vehicle), (tap, While aiming) right shoulder aim.


X: Accelerate (in vehicle), Sprint (tap, on foot), run/jog (hold, on foot), dive (hold, in water), confirm purchases.

Square: Jump/Climb (on foot), Apply main brake (in vehicle)

Circle: Respond to pedestrian comments/flip off pedestrians (tap), focus on important events, reload weapon (tap, with weapon drawn), activate special (hold)

Triangle: Enter/exit vehicle.


R1: Enter/exit cover / combat roll (tap, while aiming weapon), view summary of stats (on foot), block (Melee), (in vehicle) apply handbrake, open parachute (tap, while in free-fall)

R2: (While aiming/in vehicle) Fire weapon, Melee Attack

R3: Look Behind (hold), Activate Vehicle-based Missions (tap, in appropriate vehicle)

L1: Holster/Draw weapon (tap), bring up weapon wheel (hold), (in vehicle/while aiming, tap) lob grenade/explosive weapon.

L2: Aim/Target.

L3: Horn (in car), Crouch (tap, on foot), Crawl (hold, on foot), Raise/Lower landing gear (in aircraft)

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Grove Street Balla

L1/R1 shooting and L2/R2 driving, or I am using classic controls.

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Not a control scheme, but having these bad boys on my Dualshock 3 triggers always made it easier/better.


user posted image


They are not that expensive either, $5.00 (USD). and you can find them at Gamestop, Target, best buy etc.

Edited by FRA1Z3R

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Aly Zaroon
L1/R1 shooting

This icon14.gif

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