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Alpha Squad {OFFICIAL} [Videos Soon]

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Alpha Squad Clan was created by both Delta Force Clan Commissioner To Be Revealed and LCPD Clan Commissioner TRG STATIC.


Alpha Squad was created to serve the gamers within AUSTRALIAN WESTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE and others close by.


Alpha Squad is run by Commissioner TRG STATIC, under the direction of To Be Revealed and his team within Delta Force.


Alpha Squad was created on 29th April 2013, we are an organized and committed clan on GTA TBoGT.


Within this clan we have the following divisions:


Air Support Divisions; The eye in the sky, ASD is the division which required organizational, multitasking skills and handling of aircraft skills. You will be trained to the highest level of standards possible. Trained to be the best of the best.


Crooks; The most wanted criminals in the city, you will be trained to the full to ensure that both you and the cops have a good time fighting against each other to do what you want. You will be trained in many different situations. Trained to be in control of some situations. You want to be bad? This is for you!!


Ground Division: This is the basic of them all, but the most needed. As a ground unit, you will be patrolling areas to seek out those criminals who are bring unwanted activity to your town. You are the most needed as you are the one that has to participate in extremely dangerous pursuits.




We have leadership and trainer opportunities and we are supported by Delta Force LTD.


We are a strict but fair clan. Every member's Idea will be taken into consideration. Every person's opinion will be taken into consideration.



Edited by Toke

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