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CJs Sphincter

Interesting Places I may Have Missed...

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CJs Sphincter

Just to give you an introduction, I've played San Andreas for hundreds of hours both online (MTA is my personal preference over SAMP) and offline; however, due to the unfathomable size of the state that is San Andreas, there MUST be some places I have overlooked or missed out completely. By this I mean interesting details such as the San Fierro bridge cable, or even small, hidden away buildings/towns/places that are nice to visit.


Throw some suggestions at me, I'd appreciate it because I'm going for 100% in this monster of a game and would love to extract the most out of San Andreas that I possibly can - I love it! I'm almost at 80% completion and I've done all of the standard sidemissions such as ambulance, vigilante and firefighter. Right now I'm working on the unique sidemissions such as the Chilliad Challenge, the bike delivery missions and the rest of the inconspicuous sidemissions only seen in San Andreas.


I'll start by giving one to you, have you seen the crack at the bottom of the seabed between San Fierro and LS? Or how about the the small farm near one of the tunnels leading to San Fierro with the combine harvester that always operates in the field? I love that area!


- On a sidenote, I'd love San Andreas on my Vita.

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what about the fort carson tunnel under the rail-road bridge?, what about the ghost cars?, what about the driveway beagle at fort carson? masn you're missing ALOT around SA tounge.gif

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Lil Weasel, do you read the post before writing your pre-made default messages? This topic has nothing to do with the fault.


On-topic, I think you may find some ideas on the Scavenger Hunt topic:



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Have you gone to Blue Hell or Heavens A-R.


You can find some stuff about that on Hidden interiors universe. The part with the interiors in GTA:SA are on the bottom of the page.

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