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My Rock Radio

My Rock Radio

Recommended Posts

My Rock Radio

Having been a fond guest here for numerous years in the part stretching back to the days of GTA 3 and Vice City and going though the motions of map modifications and installing some of the amazing cars that members have poured so much time into I decided to finally join up.


One of the main things I've been working on recently is an internet radio station.


To give you some background on the history of this it started life as Rock Radio 96.3 (Scotland) 106.1 (England) and more recently the station went through a massive transformation and became Real Radio XS.


Now I'm sure some UK members on here will remember this and similar to myself and a small group of people, been put off by the new selection of music that Real XS offered.


Not to be outdone Ted Rock, one of the presenters on Rock Radio 96.3 left the organisation and began his own internet station by the name of My Rock Radio. This began life early through Spreaker before maturing into a ShoutCast server with various listeners from across the globe, from the UK, to Europe and even the USA.


More recently however Ted Rock has decided to move onto other things and some of the friends of himself, and also avid listeners to his show have picked up the pieces and gone solo with the project.


We broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no downtime and no adverts. We do a 2 hour show various nights from 10pm GTM until midnight to spice things up whereby the guys create there own playlists for the masses.


Right now it's still in the early phases and we're hoping to gather a larger following in the coming months as everything expands.


There's currently Avatars available along with T-shirts and Coffee Mugs available via eBay for now.


The playlist consists mainly of classic rock but we're also partial to some new age material also.


Please give us a listen, recommended us to friends and we'll see what we can do. All we're asking for is some of your time, no money, no blood and certainly not a limb!


Various links are below depending on your setup and thanks for reading.


So if you're getting bored with your library give us a shot and see if there's something that rings your bell!



Windows Media Player

Real Player



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Steff R

I used to listen to Rock Radio in the car before they changed over if it's the same presenters then I'll be sure to give this a listen. Thanks man!!

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