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Help needed with unique stunts (ANDROID device)


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I have the classical situation, I was totally sure I would have all unique stunts done but the stats say I have 35 of 36. I'm playing now with my brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII which I won in a lottery. Is anyone able to help me? Here's the related game save file:




EDIT It looks like the missing stunt is the last jump in the mission G-spotlight. While doing this stunt, the game never even tells me whether the stunt is already completed or not. Unlike the PC version, in Android the game seems to tell if the stunt was already completed earlier. So, any tips how to successfully do the mentioned stunt? I have noticed there are some minor differences related to gameplay while comparing to PC version of the game and this stunt is one of them.

Edited by Teme84
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Thanks, it would be nice. If the missing stunt really is the last one of jumps from roof to another in G-spotlight mission, can you please tell me how to successfully do the stunt in Android. I always get this stunt successfully done on my PC but it's incredibly difficult on Android. I have done it again and again, with different rates of vehicle speed but nothing happens, just the ordinary insane stunt reward. I guess there's a bug that should be fixed with an update. But still, interesting to see what you have to say after checking my file.

Edited by Teme84
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I still have not got a chance to mess with your save-- maybe later today-- should have time this weekend if today does not pan out....


It may be worthy to note that someone on IOS was also not able to get that jump to register...


Look at that thread and there is a link to a picture of where you need to land (or at least go through) to get it to register... this "corona" was extracted from the PC versions game code-- what is shown IS where you need to go through (after the jump is triggered (and you are going in slow motion).




If I can't get that one won't register for me I will check some of the other hard to register jumps on your save and see if you missed a different one (and the message that tells you you already completed that jump is just boogered up).



Edited by Spuds725
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Ok... tried the jump a couple of times-- I may be leaving it a bit short-- I did notice there seems to be a noticeable "lag" between landing the jump and the stats for it showing up.... so don't know if that is related to the lack of the "jump already completed" message....


Going to try again on a Sanchez and see if I can get a little more height/distance on it and see if that helps.... if that doesn't work, going to try some of the other hard to register jumps...


Are you "relatively" certain that the g-spotlight jump is your missing one??

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I'm quite sure that's exactly the missing stunt. I have retried several times with PCJ 600 and Sanchez but no success. With different speeds trying different landing spots but nothing happens. Just the slow motion and ordinary insane stunt rewards. I also tried with a Kaufman taxi and its jump boost (I have done the 100 taxi fares) which game me a much longer jump but still the same. No unique stunt reward. Maybe the cab was flying too high.


Looking at the link you gave me, looks like there's a bug in the game related to this stunt we talk about. I reported this to Rockstar. Interesting to see if they release an update as they just did for GTA III on Android.


EDIT I just tried the stunt once again and I could swear I went through that corona area. Nothing. There must be a bug. I also faced that mentioned lag thing, the slow motion just didn't stop until I succeeded in bringing the bike down to the street and jump off the bike saddle.

Edited by Teme84
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Did try that jump again on your save.. Tried lowering display settings to see if the game was maybe lagging due to slow motion switch or whatnot... No affect.


I also tried redoing several of your other completed jumps and was getting the jump completed message... Tried on hard to register jumps and was able to get message on these.


I also tried starting new game and then loading up your save... Still no affect.



Finally i went back to my save... On my game i have not completed dildo dodo so had to do the jump up on to the downtown hospital to access g-spotlight jumps... This took about 1/2 hour at least.... Not as easy on android.... Finally got up there with a smoking Sanchez and managed to complete the rest of g spotlight jumps.... The jump in question did register in one try for me on my save. I did not do it in any way special... I was maybe 10 feet past the edge of the upper level (if that). (see screenie below)


Not sure what is up with your save.... (or others with this issue).... I may mess with this more but beginning to believe I'm wasting my time.


Did you recently complete g-spotlight? Can you go back and redo it completely?


pic of jump complete message





Edited by Spuds725
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Well, I reinstalled the game on my phone and forgot to take backups of save files so I lost everything and the only I had left was the uploaded game save. So I should start over with EVERYTHING.


At least when Rockstar replied my support request, they didn't deny the possibility of a bug in the stunt. They told me my case with my messages has been redirected to the game developers. Right now I'm just getting the slow motion lag. As they seemed to take my message quite "seriously", it's going to be interesting to see if there's an update coming for VC.

Edited by Teme84
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  • 4 weeks later...

Just found a game editor that allows you to view info about save files-- it shows you not missing that jump but the one across from the film studio (where you jump into the film studio across the street).


Screenie from the editor with your save loaded...

user posted image





Edited by Spuds725
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  • 2 weeks later...


Well, I reinstalled the game on my phone and forgot to take backups of save files so I lost everything and the only I had left was the uploaded game save. So I should start over with EVERYTHING.


You should still have your saves, as the traditional un-install does not delete the save files(I have confirmed this on the PC version)-Did they change things on the Android and IOS versions? confused.gif


OT-Are you sure you haven't done one and forgot to save before exiting the game? I have done that before and not realized it until I re-did them to figure out which one it was that was missing(of coarse since i'm on PC, it is a lot easier for me thanks to Demarest's code tools)...

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I have not tried uninstalling that game but it may... It will definitely erase it if u click the "clear data" button prior to uninstall.

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  • 10 months later...

After changing device (again), it looks like it depends on device which one of the unique stunts is significantly challenging. Now I have Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom (best choice for me as I like to take videos in sports events) and re-downloaded VC for it. This time I did the last unique stunt during G-spotlight successfully on the first attempt already, but now the difficulty was faced during the second one of the unique stunts in the mission. I tried again and again, no success. Then I went to steal a Packer, then drove it to suitable place and then stole a taxi, in order to use the Packer and 100 fares' jump reward to reach the roof from which to begin the stunt. Then the stunt was finally successful.

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