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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[TUT|IV] Complete Car Mod Videos and Audio

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G'day everybody,


I have made a complete tutorial set on YouTube of my personal process of modifying my own GTA IV car. This tutorial covers how to convert your 3D car model and make it work in the game. See the headings below to learn about the steps in the process:


Enjoy! Let me know what you think.


user posted image


user posted image


1. Overview Process - Lime Lamborghini

Creo Parmetric -> 3D Studio Max -> ZModeler -> OpenIV -> GTAIV



2. Create or Obtain Car Model



3. Detach and Attach Car Parts in 3D Studio Max



4. Download GTA4 Examples Car Models from Zmodeler2 Website



5. Merge/Import .3DS File and Scale to Size in Zmodeler2



6. Analyzing the Anatomy Hierarchy of a GTA 4 Car



7. Replace and Name Car Parts in Zmodeler2



8. Adjust Dummy Shape in Zmodeler2



9. Apply Texture Car Paint in Zmodeler2



10. Fix Local Axis for Object and Dummy to Fix Shaking GTA4 Car



11. UV-Mapping Taillight in Zmodeler2



12. Exporting WFT Model and WTD Texture into Gta 4 using OpenIV



In game preview HD





Check out my NURBs tutorials on how to model a car in Creo Parametric. A great new program to model near Class A surface.


Edited by bowlofnoodle

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Very nice tutorial smile.gif (^)


also, a question, i want to replace a wheel in a car mod from another car mod, should I follow your no 7 tutorial? smile.gif

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Hi Eashan,


Yes that is right. All you need to do is merge the file, pick the wheel parts you want to merge, including parent dummy.

Then you would just need to move in place. Apply material.


Check tut 5 for info on how to merge or import parts from another file.



Edited by bowlofnoodle

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I want to ask about the second [TUT|IV]

GTA 4 ZModeler2 Tutorial - 2 Create or obtain 3D car model


and what has worked


is this necessary if the model vehicles ready and integrated file 3dmax

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i have a little question, how to make car indicators and car reverse light??

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Hmm. safe. Anyone know of any other tutorials?

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