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2nd page to the ai in vice

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IGNPS2: What sort of interactions do you see between different pedestrians? What might happen if you stand on a corner and watch pedestrians?


Dan: It depends where you are in town. You could watch some very nice people pose near the beach or wait to be mugged in some very nasty neighborhoods.


James: We've improved the police and gang AI a great deal. Now if you hang around, you might see cops chasing a shoplifter down the street, or security guards hassling gang members in a mall. Pedestrians compliment and/or insult each other. You'll see car-jackings, people queuing at bus stops and hailing taxis.


IGNPS2: Carpooling was far from the mind of everyone in Liberty City, are the inhabitants of Vice City a little more environmentally friendly? Do they travel differently?


Dan: Well, it's not self-consciously environmentally friendly. In the 1980s, people didn't know what the word ozone layer meant. Of course, not everyone knows about it now, but most right-minded people accept there is a need for better use of resources. In the decade of conspicuous consumption, people are much more keen on showing off. However, what better way to show off than take someone on a ride in your new car.


James: Non-player vehicles will often have passengers, whether they are buses, cars, boats or mopeds. Most of the time they'll bail out when the car is jacked, but if the Player's quick, he can often find himself speeding about Vice City's streets with a screaming passenger in the back!


IGNPS2: You'd expect the inhabitants of Vice City to be a little more laid back. How does this reflect their dialogue and behavior?


Dan: Well, we tried very hard to work out characters for each pedestrian - to give them a little back story, which would reflect in their behavior, language, interests, and look so each character feels as rounded as possible. I'd love to say this made them a little bit more laid back, and certainly, thanks to the great new character models, there are some very over-weight and lazy people in Vice City, but the 1980s were not a very laid back time. There are some very compulsive shoppers and some very neurotic people out there, all of them making trouble for themselves. However, there's so much more variety in every aspect of the ambient characters, from the way they look, move, sound and behave, that the city feels very alive.


IGNPS2: Vice City seems more glamorous than Liberty City. Can we expect to see a seedier group of people?


Dan: Vice City is glamorous, but a lot of the people there don't have much taste. A love of man-made fibers pervades and unfortunately, too many of the people have not realized that money can't buy you class. The city has some very well off inhabitants, busy protecting themselves from some very poor inhabitants desperate for a piece of the action.









James: Grand Theft Auto 3's plot line was based around well-known criminal organizations. There was a gang vs. gang ethic that sometimes favored revenge and saving face, rather than having any good business sense. Vice City is all about money. Cash influences loyalties and friends can be trusted only as far as their next cut of the business.


IGNPS2: Are there any trends and fashions I should know about in Vice City?


Dan: It's the 1980s, so a look is very important for a man. In general, in a hot town a bikini is always a good look for a woman and a thong type pair of swimming trunks a dreadful but too popular look for a man. Suits were popular in the 80s, but in the heat, people can get very sloppy. We couldn't have made a game set in the 1980s without paying a lot of attention to fashion.



I got this from

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hahh funny:

"Most of the time they'll bail out when the car is jacked, but if the Player's quick, he can often find himself speeding about Vice City's streets with a screaming passenger in the back!"



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...Dan: It's the 1980s,...

Good goings there coolest1hereuk! I once thought-its of you as a Snot-Nosed-Punk A$$hole Before! I no longer think of you as an A$$hole.


<Chang Pauses, and stares at coolest1hereuk>


Juz Kiddings.


Thankings You coolest1hereuk, Good Job!

<Chang Finally Exhales, after waiting for evil karn the monument creater>


:) I Chang

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The End
nicccccccccce  :colgate:

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