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Remap Controller Patch?

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Hi All!


I have a 12 button Steelseries Free Mobile wireless controller with a Nexus Android tablet, which poses a major problem to the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, because there appears to be no way of remapping the controller buttons, and as it stands there is no way of honking the 'horn' of a vehicle! (which sounds benign, but means I can't start/complete some missions).


The fact that within the game the Right shoulder button currently has no function whatsoever is obviously frustrating since that is the one I would assign to the task.


Does anyone have a patch for this? Or had the same problem and knows another work-around so that I can get on with the game?



To tell you what I've looked into:


The official Steelseries software download for Android devices does not provide remapping function in the software, and says that controls can be remapped from within a compatible game. GTA VC is a 'compatible' game, but does not provide any such in game controller remapping I know of.


I considered a work around, by disconnecting my controller when I got to a point I need to honk a horn, expecting the touch screen controls to automatically return when the controller was disconnected, so that I could honk the horn on the touch screen, then reconnect my controller to continue gameplay - but the touch screen controls do not return when a controller is disconnected... is there any reason why not? Is there is a way to get the touch screen controls to re-appear if a controller is disconnected mid gameplay? Anyone have a patch for that? (if i save the game close and restart, then the touch screen controls return, but since one cant save from any point in the game, it means that i have to complete whole complex missions using the touchscreen controls simply to have horn functionality... which is near impossible to manage with my thick fingers.. :'( :'( )



I hope someone can help me.


Im new to this forum, and the search function didn't bring anything up.


Many thanks



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This might not help, but try to click on "Restore Defaults" when in the Controller Setup menu to refresh the settings file.

I know you said you can't remap controls, but maybe you have this option.


Maybe try to turn ON the Frame Limiter?

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Welcome to GTA Forums---


There has been little to no discussion about external controllers on this forum (why your search didn't turn up anything)-- That being said-- I'd try what Miromiro suggested as a work around to the problem for now-- are you certain that the controller is "re-mapable" on the android tablet?


I'd contact both the controller manufacturer and ask and if you do know for a fact that it "should be" re-mapable on your device then perhaps contact Rockstar Games and see if they can help you....


Sorry we aren't being much help-- this is kind of out of our experience.


If you do find a fix for this, it would be much appreciated if you stop back by and let us know how you got it resolved...








While looking up help for your problem I did find this... if you can get hold of a PS3 six axis or PS3 Dual shock controller-- you can sync them to device and use them in VC....






//Edit again//


I looked a little bit more at your controller-- are the other controls acting similar to like a PS2/3 controller?? It looks very similar to them...Do you know how to honk the horn on the PS2 or 3?.... You push IN on the right stick (is how you enable the R3 missions and honk your horn on PS3)... while it is a "stick" controller, it is also a "button" if you push it IN.... just pointing this out in case you were not aware...


Looking at that app on google play-- it looks like you can map them in the app--


However looking at the Steelseries website-- it does NOT say that VC is supported--- only GTA III...


Edited by Spuds725

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