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Gta Vice City Quiz Competition

Eminence E.

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Eminence E.


If yes let's check!


As you can understand this is a quiz competition and I hope you know what it is. So let's begin with the rules.


As the first question is asked every member can answer it. The questions must be something difficult to answer. You don't always have to ask anything related to the game, you can also ask anything else but only if it has something to do with VC. There is also timelimit for you to ask a question and that is 12 hours, if you didn't post you question within anyone else willing can ask instead. You can also pass your turn but remember if you do so you can't answer in the next round.You can also give timelimits for your posted question. For example: This question must be answered between the next 24 hours. (You can keep it as much as you want, but not more than a week). You can answer as many times you wish but remember only your last answer will be counted that means even if your earlier answer was correct it will be dismissed! Every first correct answer will be rewarded 3 points, if you posted the first answer, it is wrong and if anyone else gave the right answer, it will be the second correct answer and will be rewarded with 2 points. Similarly if the third answer is right it will be rewarded with 1 point. But if the first three answers are wrong. The person who asked the question will have to provide a clue or a hint. You can also provide an image or anything else suited as a hint. Also never edit your post. If you want to change it you can freely PM me. Don't post anything off-topic here. If you have some complaints, suggestions, questions, etc. you can PM me or you can refer to VCQC discussion here. Please don't cheat. That means please do not use google, this is to check how well you know the game and not google, you can search the forums instead. I request everyone that they don't cheat and become a spoilsport! If you fail to obey the rules it will result in loss of points.



Player Points


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Avery Carrington?
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what is the minimum amount of missions needed to complete the story?

introduction IS included


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Leone Sentinel

30, including the Boatyard, Cherry Poppers, Pole Position, and Sunshine Autos missions.

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