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18 Months

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This is the introduction mission of my concept thread that is going to be released in June 2013 after Vice, in June I will release a mission every week, I hope this will take it into 2014 wink.gif. I was inspired by to write this by TonyZimmzy who brought the genre back, so he deserves credit tounge.gif





[start of CutScene]


A light flicks on to reveal a typical 3* hotel room, the door opens and Nathan peeks around it. He dashes inside and bounces on to the biggest of three beds.


Nathan (happy): My bed!


Laura enters the room and chases after Nathan, she gets on the same bed as him and pushes him off on to the grey carpet.


Laura (laughing): Now....


Laura stares seriously at Nathan for a few seconds. Nathan looks worried.


Laura (smiling): …It belongs to me.


Laura throws a pillow at Nathan and they both laugh. Kyle enters the room holding three dufflebags and gasping for breath. Nathan gets off the floor and helps him put the bags in-front of a wardrobe.


Kyle (annoyed): About time you f*cking helped, seven flights of stairs. Seven! Carrying all of the bags.


Laura: Quit your moaning.


Nathan: Are we getting ready soon.


Kyle: We have only been in Avalon City for two hours and you want to visit the nightclubs, can you not wait?


Nathan: Nope and its not just any nightclub, it's Slacha.


Kyle: I thought it was closed this time of year, that's why I come with you.


Laura high-fives Nathan who is smoking a cigarette on his bed.


Kyle: Put that out! Are you even listening?


Nathan: Not really.


Laura: Kye, shut up and get changed.


The screen fades to black and green text appears, it reads “18 Months”. The text disappears and the screen fades in again. Nathan, Laura and Kyle are stood outside a giant nightclub called Slacha. It is rated as the world's best nightclub, it is decorated in green and is covered in neons. It emits a light from the roof that is see-able all around the city. The building is shaped stylishly. Nathan walks to the front of the queue and hands the bounce a fifty dollar note. He lets Nathan, Kyle and Laura inside. The interior of the nightclub is huge, decorated with green lights and a flashing glass dancefloor. Infront of the dancefloor is a DJ Area, Behind the dancefloor is a bar, where a sexy young Latino woman is serving drinks.


Lets Go by Calvin Harris plays loudly.


Laura: Go get us a drink,Nate.


Kyle: Cola, please


Nathan (whispering to Laura): With Vodka


Laura winks at Nathan as Kyle walks away into the quiet part of the club.


[End of CutScene]


[start of GamePlay]


Now, you take control of Nathan for the first time.


Objective: Reach The Bar


You must make your way through the crowd by walking in-between all of the people dancing. The basic on-foot controls will be shown on screen now.


[End of GamePlay]


[start of CutScene]


The barmaid comes straight over to Nathan and hands him a pink cocktail in a tall glass, she smiles as he downs it in one.


Nathan (laughing): Three of them then please.


Barmaid: Coming up, my name's Jewel, by the way.


Nathan: Because your eyes sparkle?


Jewel: (giggling): Haha, thanks.


Jewel turns away to make the drinks while Nathan looks around the club. She brings three of the pink drinks over. Nathan drinks one and gets out a twenty dollar note out of his pocket and gives it to Jewel.


Jewel: I like you, here's my number.


Jewel hands a piece of paper to Nathan who scrunches it up and puts it in his pocket. Jewel signals the DJ to turn the music down a bit.


Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia plays quietly in the background


Jewel: So, who ya here with?


Nathan: My bro and my sister.


Nathan points to Laura who is dancing against a man who is clearly flirting with her.


Jewel (laughing): So, does she get around a lot?


Nathan (smiling): She's a f*cking slag! But, she's our slag. Not in that kind of way because that's not what I'm tr-


Jewel drags Nathan over the bar and kisses him while customers wait to be served. Nathan climbs back out and sits on a bar stool.


Nathan (smirking): That was just great.


Jewel: Best kiss I ever had. Can you DJ?


Nathan: Sure, seems easy enough.


Jewel (smiling):Get up there then, have some fun.


Nathan notices Kyle standing on his own reading a book in the corner, he waves him over.


Jewel (winking): I'll try to cheer him up.


Nathan: Thanks, I appreciate it.


Kyle reaches the bar as Nathan picks up a pink drink and downs it in one.


Nathan: Get one of these down you!


Nathan hands one of the drinks to Kyle and picks up the last drink.


[End of CutScene]


[start of GamePlay]


Now, you take control of Nathan again.


Objective: Give Laura Her Drink


You must cross the dancefloor to give Laura the drink. She is dancing with a tall handsome man, as you walk closer, he tries to put his hand up her skirt. Laura tries to stop him and push him away.


Laura (scared): Help!


[End of GamePlay]


[start of Cutscene]


Nathan throws Laura's drink over the man and he grabs Nathan by the shirt.


Laura: Get the f*ck off him!


Man: Make me bitch.


Laura throws the man to the ground and Nathan starts to stomp on his stomach. The bouncer from the door come over and drags the man away.


Kyoto by Skrillex plays quietly


Laura: Thanks Nate.


Nathan (defensive): Anyone puts their hands near you, I'm gonna break them.


Laura: Shame about my drink though.


Nathan: Go speak to Kyle at the bar, slip a few pills in his drink. Cheer him up.


Nathan walks through the crowd to the DJ deck past green lasers that flash past the dances. He reaches the deck where the DJ highfives him and lets him on the decks.


[End of CutScene]


[start of GamePlay]


You regain control of Nathan.


Objective: Try DJing


You get to try DJing for the first time, it works like a minigame, you can choose a song from



* Silence by Mt Eden VS Watercolour by Pendulum

* Bangarang by Skrillex VS Starlight by Flux Pavillion

* One by Swedish House Mafia VS Me and You by Nero



After you have chosen a song, both songs will play simultaneously, a slider bar hud will appear on screen, the slider starts in the middle, causing the loud horrific noise off two songs playing at once. You must slide the bar either left or right to play the song on the left or the song on the right. You must switch between both at different parts of the songs which is indicated by the crowd not dancing. The aim is to keep the crowd dancing and happy at the same time. As the songs are not that well together, the game will automatically change BPM and add a drum beat that fits both songs. Once the song you chose is over, you will be rated with stars from one star to five stars. But in this instance, you will definintly get a good score.


[End of GamePlay]


[start of CutScene]


DJ: Man, you did good there! I'm DJ Noire! But, call me Alex.


Nathan: I'm Nate, nice to meet-


There is gunshots and explosions in the club, the giant discoball above the crowd falls down and crushes some of them. Blood splatters on the dancefloor as the music stops and seven people run into the club with pistols. They gun down dancers and start to smash the decorations. Two of the shooters get killed by some falling debris. As Slacha starts to crumble, Nate and Alex dash to Laura who is crying. She is looking at the dead bodies and tears roll down her face while she hug Nate and sobs.


Nathan: Its gonna be ok, take cover and be quiet.


Laura runs and hides behind a counter, Nathan headbutts one of the shooters who falls unconcious on the floor. The shooters mercilessly continue to kill guests.


[End of CutScene]


[start of GamePlay]


You regain control of Nathan.


Objective: Reach Kyle


A shooter runs towards you, you must fight him, fighting controls are shown onscreen. Once you have fought him and he is on the floor, another shooter runs towards you. You must take cover at one of the three counters before he shoots you. As he reaches the counter, you will automatically yank him over and punch him unconscious. This leaves three shooters in the room. The stealth controls will appear on-screen now. You need leave cover and sneak behind the next shooter, you need to defeat him so now is the first time you will stealth kill somebody. You will strangle him and he will fall two the ground. Now you can safely get to Kyle in the corner of the bar as the two shooters are other end of bar.


[End of GamePlay]


[start of CutScene]


Nathan grabs Kyle who is about to yell as he has a bullet in his stomach, he is bleeding slowly. Nathan holds his hand over Kyle's mouth.


Nathan (worried): f*ck, don't get them looking.


Kyle groans in pain, as blood floods out of his wound. Nathan glances over at the bar where the two shooters are attacking Jewel. Alex runs to Nathan and Kyle.


Alex: Nate, we need to help Jewel.


Nathan: Right then, Kyle, find Laura stay with her.


Alex: I'm gonna take the one on the guy on the left, you get the other.


Nathan: Fine, let's do this.


Alex and Nathan run over to the shooters, Alex strangles the one on the left, Nathan picks up and empty glass from on the bar and smacks it over the head of the remaining shooter. Jewel shakes in fear.


Jewel (screaming): Please, don't kill me.


Nathan: What? Nobody is getting killed, we need to get out of here.


Laura and Kyle walk over, Nathan notices the blood stains in Kyle's clothes. The roof starts to crumble and collapse as Nathan, Kyle, Laura, Alex and Jewel sprint out of the building. Police are on the streets outside, fire trucks speed around.


Laura: We need to get back to the hotel.


Kyle: Don't you think that the hospital is more important.


Nathan: Hotel? There is no hotel anymore.


Nathan points at the nearby skyscraper hotel that is engulfed in flames as is most of the city.


Alex: Ibarazi City is destroyed, I know a place in Glove Island we can stay. There's a boat down on the beach we can use.


[End of CutScene]


[start of GamePlay]


Objective: Reach The Boat


You take control of Nathan again, you must follow everyone to the beach, it is just behind Slacha so its only a short walk.


Jewel: Boat!


Jewel points at the fishing boat docked at a small pier on the beach.


Now, you must follow everyone on to the boat.


Alex: Know how to operate boats, Nate?


Nathan: Sure, I'll give it a go


Objective: Pilot The Boat


You must now pilot the boat, the controls appear on the screen. You must pilot across the water around the coast of Ibarazi City to get to to Glove Island.


Alex: Glove Island, if you can't find it, look for the mountain or just check your phone's GPS.


Kyle: Hurry Nathan, I'm dying here.


When you reach the pier at Glove Island, you will see a sleazy motel.


Alex (to Kyle): The Stikit Inn Motel, my uncle runs it. He can fix your wounds.


Objective: Exit The Boat


You must now exit the boat and help everyone out. By now, Kyle is covered in blood and is weak.


Objective: Enter The Stikit Inn Motel


Alex will lead you into the small Motel, everyone else will follow. The old man at the reception desk will run over and help Kyle into a different room, Laura will go with them.


[End of GamePlay]


[start of CutScene]


Alex: That's my uncle Len, he's a good guy. He'll fix your friend up.


Nathan: Brother, Kyle's my brother.


Alex: So who's that girl?


Nathan (laughing): Laura, our sister, the local slag.


Alex: Ha, I noticed your a friend of Jewel.


Jewel blushes and giggles.


Jewel (embarrassed): Maybe more.


Nathan laugh and stares at Jewel. Alex takes a key off the desk and throws it to Nathan.


Alex: The deluxe suite! About four beds and a couch in there, should do us for now. I'm just really f*cking annoyed, my decks were destroyed in the collapse.


Nathan: Don't worry mate, you'll find a better set somewhere.


Alex: Custom made, in a lab in the desert. Real high tech, you used them, you know how awesome they are.


Nathan: It's fine, I'll go check out the room. Coming Jewel?


Jewel (excited): Quickie?


Nathan (laughing): Let's just get to the suite first, eh?


The radio comes on, an emergency broadcast is heard.


Reporter: Breaking News! The world famous Slacha nightclub has been destroyed, as has the Hotel Djorga and the new Ibarazi City Studio Apartments. This is thought to have been caused by a group of terrorist, access to and from other cities is banned until the threat is neutralized. All bridges in the Avalon State are closed and boat and air traffic will be shot down instantly by the military. Thanks for tuning in, Kingtime News.


[End of CutScene]


[start of GamePlay]


You will now take control of Nathan again.


Objective: Enter The Deluxe Suite


You must walk up a few flights of stairs to the top floor, where the deluxe suite is situated. Yo will automatically put the key in the door and open it.You then have to walk inside, Jewel will follow you.


Objective: Sleep


You must choose a bed and sleep in it, as simple as that.





Glove Island

Stikit Inn Motel Safehouse

Ability To Save By Sleeping In Beds



Laura MacCarthy

Kyle MacCarthy

Alex "DJ Noire" Sayle

Jewel Springs

Edited by VProductions

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Master of San Andreas

You have to give credit to me too, I was the 2nd guy after Tony who wrote this. tounge.gif


Just Joking, Good Luck with this, Will read when I have time.


Alex? I love you. inlove.gif

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New mission coming around 5/5/14


EDIT: Please rate and give feedback

Edited by VProductions

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Can this please be locked so I can prepare the real thread. biggrin.gif

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