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UPDATE: SOLVED see last post for solution


Yes, I DID do a search for a solution.


Could anyone with a Radeon card and recent drivers confirm if anti-aliasing can be forced on your hardware or not? I can't force it at all on my GT440 so I'm wondering if this is an Nvidia driver issue.


The oddest thing to me is that I can force AA in GTA3 just fine, and they both use the same engine... mercie_blink.gif


Hopefully I don't run into the same issue when I get around to SA!

Edited by fluffyheretic
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Where you have the game from? Have you tried removing the gta_vc.set file located in the Vice City User Files folder?

Besides, have you tried following this topic?

Dead (Retired)

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Are you using the NVIDIA Control Panel to force the AA on to GTA III? I used that to force AA on to my Vice City and it worked just fine so not sure why yours wouldn't.

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Yes, that is exactly what I've done. Forcing AA on in the Nvidia Control Panel works for almost every game I use it for, with the extremely rare exception. This is one of those exceptions.


Oh, and to answer miromiro I am on the Steam version. I guess I could try deleting the file you mention (or at least move it out temporarily and see what happens).


edit: tried it, didn't work.

Edited by fluffyheretic
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Thanks MrMateczko, guess ENB will be my best bet. It's a pain but what can you do...


Hope it works on XP!

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Well, it works insofar as I can have AA and AF working in the game now... but now there are ugly-looking shadows all over the place and the lighting just seems all off. So more problems were created in trying to solve my original problem...


I went into the enbseries.ini and tried to disable everything that wasn't related to AA and AF but it still looks worse than the unmodified game. If I can't get rid of these effects then I'd rather just play it without AA.


Any ideas on how I can fully disable everything ENB does that isn't related to AA and AF?


edit: yeah, I give up. The game looks far worse with ugly moving shadows all over the place, AA or not. I'll just have to wait until I can try an AMD video card to see if that will successfully force AA on, or wait until I build a Windows 7/8 system, and play without AA in the meantime.


It would be funny if AA worked while running the game through WINE under Linux. tounge.gif




A very helpful person on the Nvidia forums helped me solve my problem. It goes like this:


1) download Nvidia Inspector


2) nvidia inspector -> profiles -> Grand Theft Auto 3 -> add app to current profile -> gta-vc.exe


After doing that I now finally have flawless AA in VC! If you don't have GTA3 installed with AA settings already configured then I suspect you would have to change the settings manually in Nvidia Inspector when you add gta-vc.exe to the profile. Hope someone else finds this thread helpful.

Edited by fluffyheretic
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