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Official General


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Official General

This is a brilliant video put together by some guy on and posted on Youtube. I just had to share it on here. It shows us a nice glance at what everyday life is like among gangstas and thugs living in the most dangerous Liberty City hoods. This video takes us on tours through hoods like Firefly Projects of Broker, South Bohan and North Holland, places where you need a gun at hand, a tough character and wits to survive. A great soundtrack to go with it aswell.


This is a must for all die-hard GTA IV fans, please, check it out and enjoy, the link is below............



Edited by Official General

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Post all your GTA IV videos in the Theater Topic. icon14.gif

Also, to embed your videos on the forum, use the following method:

Post the link of the YouTube video with only the code after the "=" and put it between the YouTube tags.

I'm talking about this:


user posted image


Put between the YouTube tags only this part (the text in Bold): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg4KakUXfOY


Like this:




And to post that, you'll have this kind of code:






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Official General



@ Thanks very much for showing me how to do that, I didn't know who to do that before and that frustrated me ! I also put this here so a discussion could be had about it, so I would appreciate if you did not lock it or move it.


Thanks icon14.gif

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