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Marshall Mathers

[Guide] modding GTA San Andreas PS2

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Marshall Mathers



1-First of all we need a disc for PS2 original San andreas

2-Insert the disc for PS2 to your PC and copy all the files in a folder of your choice (I have called GTA Test) So now we can start ... ! 1-Extract the archive where you want the car you downloaded. 2-Run IMG Tool (found in the Annex), click File> Open and select the gta3.img which is located inside the models folder. 3 - Click F2 and look for the dff of the car that you need to replace. 4-Select it and click Commands> Extract to create the backup, then press Delete to remove the dff from gta3.img. 5-Redo steps 3 and 4 for the txd file . 6-After removing the two files click Commands> Add and add the file dff and txd of the car that you have downloaded. 7-You can close IMG Tool. At this point we have to install the lines of the settings that you can find in the readme.txt file . 1-Open the file readme.txt of the car that you have downloaded. 2-Then look for lines similar to these. 3-You will have to copy each line in its corresponding file. The first corresponds all'handling. Cfg, the second to vehicle.ide, the third and the last to carcols.dat to carmods.dat. It is said that you will always find all the lines. 4-We select for example the line of handling and copiamola pressing ctrl + c. 5-Let's go to the folder / data handling.cfg and open the file with Notepad. 6-Let the line we have to replace (in this case "cleverness"). 7-We replace the line with the one you copied from the readme pressing ctrl + v. 8 - Save and close the file. 9 Repeat steps 4-5-6-7-8 with the other lines. install as many machines as you want, but beware of the maximum capacity of the DVD that you will use ... Finally, we can re-burn our modded game: 1-Open Nero Burning Rom and choose to create a DVD UDF / ISO 2 - Copy the contents of your game modded 3-Finally burn.


user posted image

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All of that is totally unnecessary. Do not use PC scripts on PS2 format, all you need is a cheat device disc (AR-MAX, Gameshark, Codebraker) and Omniconvert. Paste a code in Omniconvert, translate it to whatever format you use, enter the new code into the database, activate it, take out your code disc and place in your game disc.


Some useful topic links:










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Does It really work? I mean, have you tested It ?

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Richie Makyura

5 Years old topic = Locked Topic

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