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The Funny Picture Topic

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The original funny picture topic has been removed temporarily because we have been notified that the topic contains offensive material. We may have action taken against us unless we remove it.   Rat

Korean Photoshop Requests!    

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WOW the URL has a curse word in it so it won't work.


Have you ever thought of... I don't know re-hosting the image?


Here it is!


user posted image



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Finn 7 five 11

Remember guys, variety goes a long way, the same comics all the time get a little stale. You will tell me humour is subjective of course, but everyone seems to be having the same gripe, I mean take a hint, if you can't take criticism you'll never learn, A bit of an extreme thing to say about wrecking a topic on a forum but you get the point haha.

I like some of the photo's posted of course, but You kinda get tired of the same type of jokes page after page. It's like watching the same comedian all day, you kinda get over it after a few hours, but again, you'll probably just ignore my post along with like 10 other people's and keep posting comic after comic.


Also the other thing about this topic is you should try post stuff that you found heaps funny, you know like the pick of the bunch, not just whatever comes up on top of whatever site you visit.


Anyway, I'ma try post something a little different today.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


A bit of the K Rudd Australia's Prime Minister.

user posted image



user posted image


Okay new photos's edited in


user posted image


user posted image

Edited by finn4life
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user posted image


user posted image


EDIT: Have to change the photo, seems like they wanted to hide that profanity very much.

Edited by ExtremeLimitations
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