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Had enough of being a lurker.

Guess what do I hate the most in life?

An Islamic extremist is ripping pages that contain positive things about Islam and keeping the rest. The ripped page say, from top to bottom: Peace in Islam, Acceptance in Others, and Freedom of Religion.


Ever since I hopped in the "mock religious Extremists as hard as you can" train, I have always imagined an image where your typical, moderate, peace-loving Muslim is sitting next to an Extremist, and both of them are reading the Qur'an. The former is sitting in a comfortable way and is paying attention. The other looks EXACTLY like this, except that he's holding the Qur'an instead of a book that speaks of Islam in general.

(^ your typical wannabe-Muslim Extremist)

Here we see an idiot ISIS member destroying a Masjid/Mosque. "Extremism" is written on his forehead. "Peace" is written on the now-destroyed Masjid.


GTFO I'm saving this image. ISIS in a nutshell.



Idiot ISIS member beheading an innocent and proceeded to write "The Islam" (in Arabic) with said innocent's blood.


"Israelis are killing innocent Palestine citizens! DO SOMETHING!" "Why should we care? Our only job is Beheading innocent Arabs!"

Right side: "Tell us more about your religion?" "You have your religion and I have mine.". Left side: "KILL THEM SO THAT THERE'S NO FITNAH AND SO THAT ALL RELIGIONS ARE FOR (Radical) ALLAH!"


ISIS cult is burying someone in a grave. Tombstone says: "Islam".


At some point in 2014 maybe '15, these losers burned a Jordanian innocent pilot. That stirred some serious sh*t on the Internet, especially since Islam says "No matter what did the enemy did, do NOT torture them by setting them on fire! Only the One who created Fire can do this!".

This Political Cartoon mocks this. In the background we can see an innocent (possibly the poor Jordanian) is burned alive inside a cage with ISIS minions surrounding him. In the foreground a "sane" ISIS zombieman asking the head of the sh*ts (al-Baghdadi) "Sir, only the One who created Fire can torture evil people by burning them." What did Al-Baghdadi said? "And who told you that we are Muslims?! WE ARE HELLFIRE'S DOGS!"


An ISIS loser-member posing like an Islamic Scholar. Turned out that scarf on his head isn't any ordinary thing.... This mocks Muslim-wannabe Islamic Extremists.

ISSI loser wrote "بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم /// In the name of God, The Most Merciful" on the Blackboard..... upside-down. And the young girls are sitting behind something that "separate" them from the rest. I'm actually surprised they're allowed there in the first place.


An Islamic Extremist-Scholar is destroying a city. A stranger is putting good money is said "scholar"'s pocket. What's coming from his mouth? Bullets and missiles. What's written on these things? "Religious Lessons". What do these things do? Kills innocents and destroy buildings - upto and including a Mosque.


Flag says "Muhammad: We have sent you only as a mercy to the worlds" (mind you, I have given up trying to translate this properly so I had to use Google Translator. :/). What do loser ISIS do instead? The one on the bottom is holding his sword that carries his c*nty flag, the other one (above him) is also carrying his sword but it says instead "HUUUUSAAAAIN!" (Ali's son, Ali is our Prophet's cousin).


Last one for now, I've given up hope of trying to find the very fkcking image that made me look this sh*t up. buuu

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Evil empire

What is it supposed to mean?



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(had to do my own edit in the picture >=( )

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Evil empire

The world according to Donald Trump:


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Evil empire

Emergency call:

I would like the one who forgot his wife in my home after the barbecue yesterday to come back take her.


It's not that she bothers me but mine comes back tonight.


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The Deadite














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