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[REL|SA] Holiday Collection

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Holiday Collection

Big collection that include twelve my mods dedicated to the different holidays, that developed from 2010 to the 2012 year. Especially for a good mood. Some holidays are connected with my culture (Russia). Hope you will like this pack!


Author: Flame

Release date: 12 December 2012

Download (85 Mb):

[ Link is now available now. ]


About mods in pack and how to install them

Russian name of holiday (and the name of folder with mods) in quotes; after the colon the name of mod (Russian name, as in pack, in quotes); then how to install mod.

  • Christmas and New Year (Новый год):
    Moon in Santa's hat (Луна в шапке Санта-Клауса) (installation: select one of four variants and put particle.txd to the models folder; or manually put coronamoon.bmp to particle.txd with TXD Workshop);
  • Valentine's Day (День святого Валентина):
    Aerial Love (Воздушная любовь) (
    Explosive Love (Взрывоопасная любовь) (installation: open Setup.exe or use files from Manual folder for manual installation);
  • Maslenitsa (Масленица):
    Pancakes for Maslenitsa (Блинчики на Масленицу) (installation: open Setup.exe or see Manual folder for manual installation; also see bonus variant of texture in Bonus folder);
  • Defender of the Fatherland Day and Victory Day (9 May) (День защитника Отечества; Девятое мая):
    Monument to the Heroes Of Great Patriotic War (installation: open Setup.exe in folder Версия с автоустановкой for automatic installation or manually replace files from folder Версия с ручной установкой);
    nTank Mod (installation: select one of tank texture and replace it in gta3.img manually);
  • International Women's Day (8 марта):
    The Rose For A Girl (Роза для девушки) (see this mod also on GTAGarage) (installation: open Setup.exe and install to the game folder);
    New bouquet of flowers (Новый букет цветов) (installation: select one of two variant and replace flowera.txd to the new file in gta3.img);
  • Cosmonautics Day (День космонавтики):
    Cosmonautics Day (Ко Дню космонавтики) see also on GTAGarage (installation: open Setup.exe and install to game folder, see ReadMe for details).
  • International Civil Aviation Day (День гражданской авиации):
    Monument in honour of International Civil Aviation Day (Памятник в честь дня гражданской авиации) see also separate mod here (installation: see ReadMe_EN.txt);
    See videos from this mod:
  • Halloween (Хэллоуин):
    Happy Halloween Mod 2.0 (installation: select one of four variants and put particle.txd to the models folder; or manually put coronamoon.bmp to particle.txd with TXD Workshop).


See also:

HRT 1.4

The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation

Modifications by Flame: main thread

Edited by Flame

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You have done nice work. I like it but I won't download it:). Maybe people which make movies will use it for some scenes wink.gif

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It's good that you have done so much mods, of course not everyone will use them, but it's good that it's there.

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