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A Short Retro-Futuristic Piece

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(This is something to keep you guys going as Vice is delayed for a few weeks or so)





So there we was, going for the device. It was almost within our reach. The transport took a while to get to the platform but surely it did, the monorail didn't stop. It slowed down, slow enough for me and Ghost to grab a hold of a carriage. We hung carelessly for a few seconds, admiring the view of the neon skyscrapers and the odd shaped landmarks.


One of the landmarks caught my eye, the city hall, through it wasn't much of a city hall it was more of a mess hall. The Mayor serving up bullsh*t to her citizens, the city was getting out of control and we knew it. She didn't seem to care about our wellbeing, just the money she could dip from the council taxes. Not that her methods bother me, after all I am not a citizen. I'm unique, not living my life like everyone else with the same routine.


The council tried to calm everyone but the gangs pushed more and more, they couldn't take anymore. I knew they were planning to employ, how do I put this? More trained, twice as deadly, the ultimate law enforcers. I just hoped it wasn't that day, or the following week. The city hall was now out of sight, in sight was the desert pit. An extreme environment like no other, nobody dared set foot there. I don't know whether it was because of the unbearable heat, the poisonous creatures or the sickening sadistic mercenaries that based themselves in the area. All I knew is that I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be. I dove from the monorail, bravely.


I spread my arms, activating my wingsuit and let myself glide for for about a hundred meters before releasing my parachute and safely floating into the centre of the pit. Two mercenaries kitted out with steel armour waited for me and Ghost. I took off my parachute and slid an electronic card out of my pocket.


"From the lab as you ordered, Angel," One of the mercenaries laughed, handing me a small metal device.


"No one was harmed, were they?" I questioned, fearing the safety of the scientists. Funny isn't it? I had more respect for their lives than my own although without their inventions, my life wouldn't be worth living... Either that or it would be a whole lot harder.


"A few scratches and bruises, nothing major, we went out of our way for you. Give us the card," The other mercenary spat venomously.


"All seventy thousand is on there, don't spend it too soon will you?" I asked, jokingly. A metal claw shot past me and dug deep into the rock and sand, I followed the wire coming from it to see Ghost frantically pulling himself closer. His grapnel, his favourite piece of equipment, but not mine.


Nah, mine would have to be, hmmm, oh I remember it was the hacked Remote Control system. It allowed me to control the monorail, where it went, which tracks it rode on, all from up to a hundred miles away. Hell, it even let me activate the turbo boost, getting it to speeds of over a kilometre a second. A nice achievement, but soon I don't think there will be any new hi-tech equipment.


I thought the scientists would of gave up, seeing as how everything they build gets taken away from them. I would feel sorry for them but I know it's the council that fund them and they have done enough to piss me off lately. Ghost took the card from my hand and gave it to the mercenaries. Cautiously, I placed the device in my pocket, making sure to press no buttons on it. Ghost recovered his claw from the sand and attached it back to his gun. In a rush, he grabbed my waist and shot the grapnel at a passing monorail in the air, high above us. The grapnel yanked us up and hoisted up inside the carriage. Passengers looked at us, dazed and confused. We weren't going to explain ourselves, after all we were a silent pair... Sometimes. I pressed both button on the device and the carriage teleported instantly to the streets below.


"Nice," I exclaimed as the passengers screamed in fear and Ghost smirked.


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