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Helicopter question

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If it were one big one can any of you even begin to imagine the lag? GTA3 was bad enough. In VC it has improved textures, water effects and is almost always sunny! Shadows peope.... Now R* might just mean that the city IS split up but only so the whole city isn't loaded from the start, but you don't need to jump bridges to get to the other parts.


I think places like the airport and army base etc will be locked up. Subways.. mm might be locked up.

there wouldn't be much lag at all becoz there's a whole new game engine in vice, so it only loads the things you see unlike gta3

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According to www.gta-vc.com there are no limitations to Vice City when you start the game.


Gameplay Improvements


Improved cleaner, smoother hand to hand combat system that includes various kicks and punches. Also you can kneel down to steady you aim.

40 weapons. (Compared to GTA III's 15) These include a knife, machete, six-shooter, uzi, and many more. New character animations are included for each weapon, such as a stabbing animation for the machete.

Improved targeting system. It will change color depending on threat, and tell you if a ped is armed.

Improved AI. The police can now shoot out tires. They will also chase after other criminals this time.

Peds do more action such as jog, lay on the beach, roller-skate, sit on benches, cross streets, and walk in pairs. Peds will also crouch down behind cars when in a gun fight, and gangs will walk in groups instead of in single file or on their own in GTA III.

***GTA: Vice City will be all open from the start! (Meaning you can explore the whole city without limitations.)***

The city is two and a half times larger than Liberty City!

Ability to enter at least 50 buildings! These include and are not limited to: bank, coffee shop, hotels, shopping mall, airport, and night clubs. The buildings are multi-leveled and have fully decorated interiors.

Buildings are interactive. For example: walking into a store and buying new clothes.

Greater geographical diversity, such as downtown areas filled with skyscrapers, neon-lit boulevards, run-down slums, and swampland, the ocean, and a huge web of streams and rivers.

At least 100 missions (possibly 140) The missions will tend to be longer, more challenging, and more sophisticated with high-end production values, unlike GTA III's 'grab-and-go' missions. They could include a car chase, gun fight, and an interior interaction all in the same mission.

New side missions such as pizza delivery, and the rumored SWAT, limo, hearse, and ice cream missions.

The main character can talk.

About a 2000 page script, with greater character and plot development than ever before.

80 minutes worth of cutscenes, compared to GTA III's 30.

A possibility of playing as different characters throughout the game.

Vehicle Improvements


120 vehicles in all! (Compared to GTA III's 50)

Real-time shadowing on car's surface.

Improved on the number of reflective surfaces on cars.

Better lighting and shadowing. Scenery will cast shadows on your vehicle as you drive by.

Different types of police cars!

Higher resolutions.

Better damage models, such as broken windows. You can also damage your car with a weapon, like a bat.

You can bail out of moving vehicles.

Ability to shoot tires to slow down your foes. This will make the car lose handling. Warning: The police can do this as well.

New sportscars and trucks all inspired by the '80s.

Many more boats, such as a luxury sailboat, speed boat, fishing boat, Coast Guard boat; and waterways and canals all over Vice City to drive them through!

There are now motorcycles*, helicopters, planes (one with pontoons, so it can land on water), etc.

*When on a motorcycle your clothes ripple in the wind!

Ability to shoot forward on a motorcycle.

Multiple pedestrians inside a vehicle. (On the vehicle, in the motorcycle's case)

Ability to use weapons inside the helicopter, such as a sniper.

Graphical Improvements


Image quality is much cleaner and sharper than GTA III

All of the character models are amazingly detailed!

There is no sense of "blockiness" on models!

The city has bright neon lights and pastels. More mood-enlightening that the drab browns and greys of Liberty City.

The water is vastly improved! You can now see the bottom! It is not that dingy, fake look that GTA III had.

Fish can be been seen in the waves and in the bay.

Improved frame rate and even higher resolution textures!

A new lighting and radiosity system! This means bright neon lights!

Sound Improvements


There will be an estimated 9 hours of radio! (Compared to GTA III's three and a half hours.)

Close to 90 songs! These are actually real songs this time, from artists such as Judas Priest, A Flock of Seagulls, or Michael Jackson.

8000 to 9000 lines of pedestrian dialogue. (GTA III had about 3000 and that was roughly an hour and a half)

A GTA:VC soundtrack licensed by a major record label. :rah:  :rah:



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Can't wait for it.

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Ability to enter at least 50 buildings! These include and are not limited to: bank, coffee shop, hotels, shopping mall, airport, and night clubs. The buildings are multi-leveled and have fully decorated interiors. Buildings are interactive

That would be awesome if you could rob a bank.



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Sycho Bubba Crusty
I hope it's not open from the start, that was what made GTA3 so addictive, you wanting to get to that next island. You had something to look forward too. I remember staying up til 2 trying to unlock Staunton, that first night.

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