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Has anyone seen

No Fancy Crap

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I haven't had the time to get any videos yet, except a short clip, but has anyone seen the fire graphics, I thought the fire in GTA3 was kinda lame, anyone seen?
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I haven't seen anything about the fires. I actually thought the fire graphics were pretty damn good. The engine fires looked cool and the flamethrower REALLY looked nice. And knowing Vice City, it will be even BETTER! :colgate:  :)
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I have to agree with No Fancy Crap on this one. Fire looked unrealistic, it was just like yellow fog. They should really improve this. Some games that did have good fire graphics in my opinion were Max Payne and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. :die:
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i reckon the bonnet should have at least come off in gta3 when the engine was on fire. your car could be burning and there was no physical damage other than the sight of fire
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I agree with nofancycrap and mr wongs here, the fire in gta3 was crap, and the explosions were puny and pretty pathetic sometimes. I hope they make it better for vice
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theres just no pleasing some people! the greastest game made and u lot r findin fault with it bcus the bonnet doesnt come off when the car is on fire pffft

I love the game, we are just noting things to be improved on.

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