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Things you hate/dislike in GTA San Andreas

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Posted (edited)

Well, everything is fantastic actually, there is no shames but yes i believe there is annoy missions that we face it all.

Edited by Malone.

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All those pesky map bugs, like misplaced models making cracks in the map, wrong reflections making some models too bright and so on...

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Posted (edited)

EDIT: << merged into existing topic >>

[what sucks about San Andreas]


Is that it's full of in-game logics and storyline logics

Some in-game logics are great

And some are a pain in the a**

And one logic is a real nasty son of a b*tch

And all the storyline logics suck,

1 - how did Hernandez get CJ's number ?

2- hey Tenpenny, aren't you afraid that Carl might have a gun and kill you and your buddies with it

Aren't you afraid that you'd arrest the wrong person like Vercetti or Cipriani ?

4- how on eararedid the ballas lose control of their car and blew it up ?

5- how did sweet get that spray can out of nowhere? 

6- hey Carl, you have weapons already, why didn't you just kill Tenpenny,  Hernandez,  and Pulaski from the first time you met them, this is the GTA dimension,  not real life you idiot. .., egh

7- how can CJ jump from a plane to another plane ? Seriously it makes no f*cking sense...

8- hey Tenpenny,  why didn't you just kill CJ with your SPAS 12 and load the money and escape ?

Same for CJ..., it makes no sense

There's more, but I think that's enough

2- the protagonist himself CJ sucks for me...

Why ? Because he's weak, compared to other legendary protagonists like Tommy and Toni, 

Hell, CJ ain't violent or a badass,  not even a gangsta, playing as a character who doesn't want to be a terrorist like Claude, or a Drug lord like Vercetti and Vance, or a Mobster like Cipriani,  it sucks...

Edited by lil weasel
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One thing that bothered me in all this cj not killing Tenpenny in the start.

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Official General

* No drug-dealing mini-game or feature.

* The fact that Grove Street Families are against dealing crack and other hard drugs.

* Too much government agent missions.


That is it for me. Other than that, the game is amazing. 

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The highway, the streaming distance, the lack of challenge and how your gang members weren't that useful. I wish turf wars were a bit tougher and you actually had to rely on the homies.

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I hate when CJ cant climb ladders
I also hate the roadraged drivers in highways

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