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Things you hate/dislike in GTA San Andreas


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Spotted Hyena
For me it's the interiors, they seemed to be isolated from the rest of SA, unlike VC and others when we could see traffic and peds while in a interior
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I hate how Grove Street NPCs act when they join you. They can't put a fight. -_-

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the SEVEN minutes after completing the 'End of the Line' mission for the Credits to Roll.

I hate long credits, but I guess the people deserve to be credited for their work. Atleast it's not as bad as Driver San Francisco's credits - 23 minutes with the same song the whole time.





Oh, yeah I forgot about that.

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Sometimes when I'm trying to get into a garage, it won't open up. I have to pause the game a few times and it finally opens up.


Didn't care for motorcycle school either. Trying to jump and land in a stoppie in the cone zone is a bitch

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  • 5 weeks later...

the way is storyline got a bit ott and silly after the los santos missions i just wish it was a little bit more down to earth.

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I hate, when I waste or got busted, I have to watch the boring introduction to hospital/police department.

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Only for the first time you get busted/wasted, you have to watch them. Of course this does get annoying but if you're fast enough, you can sprint out of this introductions.

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lil weasel


I hate, when I waste or got busted, I have to watch the boring introduction to hospital/police department.

Go to the Police Station and The Hospital. When you start the new game you can activate the "I" and get them out of the way.

Or if you don't want to 'busted' or 'wasted' just hit the ESCAPE button and start over from the last save.

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I hate it when...


-Falling off a medium height building with full health and without parachute, loses 4/5 health


-Falling off the same building with full health but with a parachute and not opening it, die.

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@prince_gumball true story

-hate when use train and it stops when near roadblock, if we can break the blocks it will more fun

-HUGE .COL for blocks

-cant play guitar, drums in the madd doggs mansion

-speeding cars in highway

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Dislike the following:

-Highway lane switchers at immense speeds;

-Vehicles disappearing after moving my camera;

-Police not disappearing after moving my camera;

-Lack of events, like responses, unenterable houses, actions;

-Bad game engine;


-A few ugly or boring spots, places;

-Terrible multiplayer;

-The unstoppable tram;

-That guy who stole my Infernus;

-The feel that the world is tiny;

-Cinematics' cars, no reflection at all, cannot be modded;

-Bad replays;

-Cannot turn my cap, gotta buy a new one;

-Cars blow up too fast (and when roll over);

-Lame OGs, can't shoot for sh*t, takes ages to follow me and get in a car;

-Unskippable tips.......


And for some reason I still enjoy and love this game.

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I hate it when I'm racing 1st and suddenly a car spawns behind me and I crashed and lost the race.




user posted image

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what i dislike on this game

many lags

crazy people on cars why rockstar do that



and etc what i hate it its 2 long type

what i like it

weapons and homies

and etc idk what i can say

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- Highway drivers.

- Ballas and Vagos ofcourse.

- Obtaining money is too easy.

- A few annoying missions in the game.



Edited by MassacreGTA
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I hate when I'm flying my Shamal or any other faster aircraft and suddenly tree pops up from nowhere. And boom Wasted! facedesk.gif

It could be just because it happen to me a few minutes ago but I also hate those cry.gifangry.giframpage_ani.gifdie.gifpanic.gif trees

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I am not a GTA:SA Haters. but I have some things I hate.


-Too fast Minute Length.

-Bad dying animation, gta3 and VC is better

-No Physic Engine.

-Bad Modeling.

-just eat some food and health will be recovered instantly.

-Easy to get money, but bother to take the assets (why there's no ATM features)

-Unrealistic Pickup models, fly around.

-Freak Weapon Scrolling.

-Using teleport to go an Interior.

-Stamina never Decreased.

-Easy & not realistic to Seal someone Cars.

-Pickup item "Cop bribe"

-Have Pickup Health and Armor when Gang war happen somehow where they come from.

-Bad Sexual content.

-Bad Handlebar, didn't turn when turn.

-Too down when Fly Forward Copter.

-Bug in Roadblock San Fierro, the car is stuck into Roadblock.

-In Ps2, don't have "Volumetric Shadows" R* do Discrimination against making games on different consoles.


that's why I am Here for Fix this Game

Edited by Gian_Yagami
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I hate that Rockstar didn't include an interactive guide that explained what was happening in the storyline so that more players could 'get it'.

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*Drivers going fast as hell and switching lanes really fast on most highways.

*Getting "Our hood is under attack!" as I'm in the middle of doing something. Sometimes even happens when I'm in San Fierro, Las Venturas, or in the desert.

*Falling with a parachute, and it doesn't deploy.

*The recruited pedestrian AI. For example, if you've recruited many people, and you can't fit them all in your car, they just run after your car instead of jacking a car and following you. Which means you have to drive slow as hell, and you'll probably lose them anyways.

*Cars almost instantly blowing up when they flip and land on their roof.

*In Paramedic, when old ladies appear as patients. Hate how long it takes them to get to the ambulance. Failed Paramedic three times, once on Level 12, because of them.

*People (other than CJ) not being able to enter and exit interiors.

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- Motor Officers keep shooting at you even if you've lost your wanted level.


- Pilotless helicopters and planes.


- More vehicles are spawned behind you than in front of you.


- AI-controlled tanks don't shoot their cannons at you, making them more like mobile road blocks than weapons.


- Tanks are immune to explosives (Satchel Charges and RPGs), but will explode from prolonged contact with fire.

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1. Vehicle Camera: Generally it's not terrible, but when you actually need to see your car and the cars coming in front of you it's a real problem. The car you're driving takes up the majority of your vision on the road if it was simply tilted up it would have been a million times better.


2. Bicycle Handling: Again for general use it's perfectly fine, but when you need to perform precise moves it can be real frustrating. Mount Chilliad anyone?


3. Vehicle Schools: Particularly Gold. It's just a huge hassle have to be perfect not only when it comes to heading but also where you end up at. Add in 1. where the vehicle's camera gets in the way quite a bit while driving makes doing this schools very frustrating all in themselves.


4. CJ Carl Johnson: Okay I don't hate CJ but he does annoy me quite a bit, and before you think it no it's not because he's black or a thug. It's his character he flip flops from being this very tough guy to being a little girl in a matter of seconds. Need a clear image of this just take a peek at the Catalina missions. Overall he's my least favorite protag I'd take Vic, Toni, Niko, Johnny, Claude, Tommy and even Luis over him any day.

Edited by FearTheLiving
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I hate it when the game crashes for no reason, especially when I'm about to complete something.

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B I K E R C O P S !

My #1 hate, Biker cops...

Why? They always F*** up my SH*T!

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Not able to hang out with friends

2. cannot replay missions


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The insane amount of cops on foot when you have a five or six star wanted level. They just crawl out of the woodwork, and are everywhere you look. To put it as eloquently as possible: its too f*cking much.


Even with maxed out body armor and health the sheer amount of officers with pistols will take a chunk out of your health. Can't stand it.

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The thing I hate in San Andreas (lol just realised I used to spell San Andreas-San Andrease)

was that Ryder ended out to be an enemy of CJ and you had to kill him mad.gif


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Most annoying thing for me was when I went all the way up the top of Mt Chiliad to do the bike race and it said 'Come back at 0700' that sucked because I had to wait ages until 0700 hated that

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1 thing I don't like is when it's raining in San Andreas, I can't hear anything. Especially if I'm gonna takedown those Police Mavericks from the sky in the airport using a fast car. I'm at the airport. I can't be sure if the Police Mavericks is at low health.

I also have V 1.0 and had this problem, but I've found a fix for it.

On the desktop, go to Start>Run and type DXDIAG in the box. Go to the Sound tab and change Sound Acceleration to Basic.

This worked for me. I hope it helps you.

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Arsen Vitiuk

The police. 'Nuff said. Everything else was fine for me.

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The only thing that I don't like about San Andreas is how the storyline doesn't properly flow.

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