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The Pursuit of the Almighty Dollar

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I'll post this here too. It's also available in the Series Chat section thanks to Kirsty.


Credit to Graven for the graphics and to GTA-King for his help and inspiration...



user posted image




Chapter 1

Franklin is a car repo man working in the sun soaked city of Los Santos. At quick glance you would see Franklin as an every day worker just trying to earn money for a respectable living, however look closer and you will see a corrupt employee working in a car dealer business designed to hustle the money out of young, ambitious hot shot's who inevitably will see the vehicle stolen back, due to the fact they can't afford the repayments on the car.


Franklin currently lives in South Los Santos with his girlfriend, Misha. She tries to keep him on the straight and narrow, but Franklin's days of hustling don't look close to fading. It started with gang banging in the hood with his criminal friends, some of which he is still acquainted with, none more than Lamar, others who he feels best to stay clear of for the time being. However the "glory days" if there ever were any, have long since passed and Franklin feels it's time he moved on. Franklin's main aim in this modern day Los Santos is to move forward in life and try leave his gang banging, dried up street days behind him. But not before he ties up a few loose ends first.


The day was Tuesday, September 17th 2013. It was an early start for Franklin as he awoke to the sound of his alarm clock bellowing as it ticked over an turned 7:00 a.m.


Franklin slowly pulled himself out of bed, moping across his bedroom floor to pull the curtains and let the light enter the room. He swiped the curtains along the rail and was greeted with the blinding glare of the Los Santos early morning sunlight as it shone through the glass and into his eyes, reducing the size of his pupils. He turned away and waited for his vision to restore before proceeding to take a cool morning shower.


7:45 a.m.

Franklin was ready to leave for work. He had a lengthy day ahead of him, re-possessing cars and evading the law was hard work especially with a background like Franklin's. Before leaving he said goodbye to his girlfriend Misha who was still half asleep in bed despite the room being brightly lit with fresh morning sunlight.


Franklin: Hey, you getting up today?

Misha: *groans*

Franklin: Well I'm leavin' so I guess I'll see you later tonight then...

Misha: *snores*

Franklin: ...Whatever!


In his garage Franklin had a recently re-possessed yellow 9F. Usually he would return the cars to the hanger where he worked just outside the main urban area of Los Santos, however his boss Jim wasn't in the mood for waiting around last night as the new episode of America's Next Top Hooker was on at 8 p.m. So he told Franklin he could go home after that last run-round. Franklin opened the shiny, stylish door of the sixty thousand dollar sports car, put the keys in the ignition and started up the engine. There was an overwhelming rumbling sound of the car's engine as it echoed around the small compact garage which was attached to the side of Franklin's apartment. Amongst other things, Franklin had a red Super GT which was he bought for himself after obtaining enough money from a couple of jobs he helped out with in the past.


8:13 a.m.

Franklin took his normal route driving across the city, taking the highway which cut through central Los Santos. The streets where usually busy at this time of day due to the congestion of residents making their way to work. The office was no more than a 10 minute drive from Franklin's home though, so waiting in traffic was something he wouldn't normally have to experience, and today was no different. He turned off the highway and grined, as he opened up the 9F's engine and exploited it's speed as he tore along the gravel trail on the open slip road leading up to the hangers. Before heading into the office he dropped the car off in hanger number "3" and asked the car washers to give it a rinse down due to the dirty moisture and muck on the sides as a result of his speed rush.


8:30 a.m.

When he arrived into the offices he was greeted by the most anti-morning person he knew, his boss, Jim.


Jim: HEY, Frank. You pick up that car last night like I told you to?

Franklin: Yeah, just like you said. Why, there a problem?

Jim: If there was a problem I would've said so when I first saw your mush come through them doors this morning. Now get inside and check the system for any other "issues" that need attending to.

Franklin: You mean like every other f*cking day? Sure!

Jim: Don't you p*ss me off today Franklin, Latisha was voted off Next Top Hooker last night and I'm not in the F*CKING mood for confrontation today you hear me?

Franklin: Yeah...I hear ya'. Franklin snubbed.


He didn't really like Jim, but they had the kind of relationship that differed from Jim's other employees, yet he never understood what it was. Jim just didn't seem to be as strict with him as he did with the other employees who worked for him.


2:00 p.m.

Some time had passed and it was a relatively quiet day at the office as there was no urgent cars that needed re-possessing just yet. Jim had informed Franklin to wait for a couple more late payments to roll in before taking the cars, in order to milk them for all the money he could. It was just time for Franklin's lunch break. He often preferred to be out robbing cars anyway, rather than being stuck in the office listening to Jim rant about his sh*tty reality T.V pastimes. Lately he'd been spending a lot of time with Michael, his friend who he met a couple months back doing a job together. Michael became aware of Franklin after he overheard him and Lamar talk about a car Franklin had to repossess down by the beach. The job Michael and Franklin carried out was "basic" according to Michael. Michael had gathered a couple men to steal a vehicle which he wanted for a future job. He (Michael) was no slack when it came to crime despite the fact he had "retired" a couple years back only to be dragged back in. He knew exactly the kind of corruption going on in the city and thought where better place to look for a criminal, adapted to stealing vehicles, than at a corrupted car dealership. It was here that Jim introduced him to Franklin, "his best repo man". Michael and Franklin quickly got on the same page once the money terms were set in stone. Franklin wouldn't turn down the opportunity to earn a lump sum if he knew it was doable, especially in something which came to him naturally, stealing. They stole a van which was sprayed with the "Bugstars" name and logo. Stealing one out of a couple dozen company vehicles was like a field day for Franklin. Michael had one of his guys scope out so vehicles. Once they'd chosen the van they wanted, the other guy he knew, assisted Franklin in getting inside the premises to hotwire the van, by cutting through the fencing with a garden pliers. The crew were so efficient that the whole job was done in a matter of minutes. After they got their hands on the van, Michael and Franklin drove for about 25 minutes to where they stored it, out by Blaine County. The time it took them to get there allowed for some conversation between the two in which time Michael noticed the potential of Franklin. Michael had a friend out in Blaine County who he could rely on. He knew him from a past heist which the pair carried out together, along with a few others, prior to Michael's so called retirement. Franklin recalled the guys' name being Trevor, however couldn't recall his surname, due to the fact they never actually said a word to each other that night. It was just a quick drop off and Michael had a 30 second conversation with Trevor before leaving the car in the lock up, otherwise known as Trevor's bushes around the back of his trailer. It was a good place to store it as Blaine County was somewhat isolated from the urban scale of Los Santos and not a regular hot spot for LSPD. During the ride back, Michael informed Franklin of Trevor, mainly warning him that he was a sick f*ck who would castrate anybody who even thought to p*ss him off in the slightest.


These regular meet ups between Franklin and Michael weren't just for a quiet lunch together. Instead they were organizing what they had started a couple months back by stealing the Bugstars van. Michael was planning a very profitable heist.


Once ready, Franklin strolled outside and met up with Michael in the packed car park of the dealership. Due to Michael's previous profession as a high end criminal, he was quite wealthy, despite the fact his wife was gradually draining his bank account. This just acted as another incentive for Michael to "get back in the game". He picked Franklin up in his 2012 Sentinel XS convertible. Franklin popped open the door and got into the car. Due to the warm and stuffy air inside the vehicle, Michael slid back the sport car's blue convertible roof and let the glistening sun gleam on the fresh leather seats of the Sentinel.


Michael: Havin' a good day at work?

Franklin: Huh, yeah. The usual fun packed day at the office, ay?

Michael: Ha, ye I've been there too kid. But in all seriousness, if we pull off this job next month, you can forget about your sh*tty job at the "repo-office".

Franklin: I hope your right, this getting up at 7:00 a.m. is really beginning to p*ss me off, not to mention the fact me and Lamar gotta carry out the occasional "sling" to earn a bita' cash around this place, despite the fact I thought I gave that sh*t up...So where we going today anyway?

Michael: We're heading to a place just off the the exit of the east Los Santos highway. There's a guy I know who's gonna lend us a small but useful room on his premises. It's got all the required facilities and tools we'll need to put this job together.

Franklin: Oh yeah? Who is this guy, can we trust him with this?

Michael: Relax. Me and this guy go way back. He manufacturers small aircraft parts for helicopters and other sh*t. Oh yeah, my good buddy Trevor's gonna tag along too. He's got something of interest which we could use. Or so he says.

Franklin: You mean the sicko who lives alone in his trailer in Blaine County? Sure what could possibly go wrong...


2:36 p.m.

Once they reached their destination, Michael and Franklin turned off the highway and exited to the right into a small construction yard overlooking one of Los Santos' industrial estates. Michael parked the car in the drive way a couple meters down from the owner's black Merit. Franklin noticed a black chopper that was situated a few feet away from the Merit and decided to check it out whilst Michael spoke to the owner about them using the room for a couple weeks or so.


A few moments later and a quick inspection or two of the chopper and Franklin turned to notice Trevor strolling through the entrance of the property with the most precarious smile etched across his unwashed face. He was wearing his usual dirty white t-shirt and a raggy pair of blue jeans hanging over his scruffy working boots. At just this moment, Michael approached Trevor to greet him. After a few words, Michael turned around and spoke to Franklin.


Michael: This is Trevor, my best friend...


And in the same breath spoke to Trevor.


...This is Franklin, the son I always wanted.


Franklin: Whatever...

Trevor: Your therapist has a lot to answer for!


The pair shook hands and exchanged brief words.


Franklin: Hey.

Trevor: How ya' doin?

Michael: Anyway, I spoke to Bill over there and he says we can go ahead and use that room over there by the garage.


Michael pointed towards the small building at the back of the main building. It had a set of steal steps leading up to the door and a small retractable door on the ground leading into the garage.


Michael: We'll use this room over the course of the next few weeks to gather our ideas for the heist.

Trevor: Cool with me...


The trio walked up the steps and opened the rusted steal door to enter the room. The initial smell of oil and warm air hit them straight away. Inside, there was a small narrow window on the opposite side of the room. It was covered with a brown residue due to the oil in the air and the place itself was quite suffocating, but it did have a reasonably sized table to accompany the three and whatever equipment they had. They spent the next 20 minutes rearranging a couple of things in order to suite their needs a little more. Over the table hung a single unshaded light bulb with a traditional string to thug on for the light, and the pushed all the lockers and cabinets to one side so they could place the table in the center of the room.


Trevor: Hey, *laughs* look at this, a box of Trojan eh. So that's what that warm smell was when we cracked the door open *laughs*, wooo.

Michael: Trevor, c'mon we need to focus here. I've trusted you in the past and I need to know I can take you seriously again. Wasn't there something you wanted to tell me about anyway.

Trevor: Oh yeah, sh*t. Uhh, I guy I know told me he can offer us some newly imported top of the range silencers. The real f*ckin' deal man. He works down at ammunation in North Los Santos. Me and him had a "meeting" in one of the bars over in Blaine County. It took me a couple minutes to convince him that all guns go through Trevor Phillips enterprises, or they ain't goin', but we agreed on a deal in the end, uhh.

Michael: ...Okay then. You sort that out so.

Trevor: Yeah, I got this. You can count of TREVOR PHILL...

Michael: Yeah, great man, thanks. Now please could you help me with this table.

Trevor: Oh huh, yeah sure.


Franklin didn't really speak much with Trevor throughout their handiwork in the room. He just wanted to get this job done and get his money. If that meant working with Trevor then he was happy to do so, just once he could move on from him afterwards.


3:03 p.m.

Franklin: Hey, Mike. Can you drop me back to the dealers? I still gotta work til' 6:00 p.m.

Michael: Yeah man, no problem. Uhh, Trevor...I'll speak to you tomorrow I guess. Try sort out that gun issue sooner rather than later if you can.

Trevor: Yeah man, you can count on me *laughs*. Hey Franklin right? Cya' round.

Franklin: Yeah, cya' round. I guess.


Michael and Franklin walked back to their car. The beaming sunlight now high in the sky. The car was very warm like earlier due to the persistent sunlight striking through the clear windscreen glass, so Michael again decided to pop down the top to allow the cool Los Santos air to brush over their sweating heads. The pair drove back towards the dealers as Trevor waited at a nearby bus stop to take him back to Blaine County. As Michael and Franklin drove back towards the dealers they engaged in some conversation about the job again. All Franklin knew was that they were hitting a jeweler's on Rodio Drive. But he was still pretty much in the dark about the proceedings as they had yet to be completely ironed out.


Franklin: Michael, serious question. Can we honestly trust this guy to help us?

Michael: Who Trevor? Yeah man of course. Listen I know he can be quite...crazy, but give him a weapon and a job and he'll do whatever the f*ck it takes to get it done. Trust me.

Franklin: Okay, once we get outta' this with the money and our lives, I'm willin' to do this.

Michael: Oh I know you are.


3:27 p.m.

Michael cruised up the dusty slip road to the dealership. The road was due to be paved a couple weeks back but the economic situation stalled the work. As Michael pulled into the car park he let Franklin out to get back to work.


Michael: I'll cya' durin' the week Frank. Keep in touch!

Franklin: Yeah, thanks for the ride bro. Will do.


Michael pulled away looking in his rear view mirror to see Jim waiting at the main entrance for Franklin.


Jim: Franklin. What the actual f*ck...did I say about getting back here on time. 1 hour. 1 F*CKING HOUR. Get inside and finish your goddamn job.


Without response Franklin just walked by and sat in his office. He knew that arguing with Jim was no use. He just walked in and sat at his desk. His desk arranged with the usual boring pencils and paperwork and a computer located within arms reach. Struck back to reality he kicked back in his chair and gazed at the ceiling still thinking about this upcoming job. Despite Jim and Michael speaking prior to the van job, Jim wasn't aware of what exactly Michael and Franklin were up to, though he also had no suspicion. He was too paranoid and narky to ever think of anyone else's outside business. Michael just told him he was looking for a guy named Franklin and that he was from the South Los Santos Police Department. As Franklin sat back staring into space, he was suddenly snapped back into his day job by the thudding noise of Jim banging on the glass of his office window, and his voice just barely getting through the glass.


Jim: C'MON! We got sh*t to get done.

Franklin: *huffs* Yeah...


6:07 p.m.

Franklin was finished work for the day. No cars in need of repossession just yet. As he exited the office, the sun was getting lower in the sky as the orange gaze of light reflected on the side of the high rise buildings that were visible downtown. Franklin hailed a passing taxi and got a ride back to the apartment. It was now roughly twenty past 6 in the evening. He was exhausted when he entered his apartment only to be confronted by his girlfriend Misha.


Misha: Could you notta' tidied the bathroom after you left this morning? I nearly slipped and broke my f*cking neck.

Franklin: Girl, please. I've had a busy day at work and with Michael. I'm tired I gotta' rest.

Misha: Michael? You was with Michael again, huh? I thought you wasn't gonna be hanging with this guy no more. He's gonna get you lot inta' trouble Franklin!

Franklin: I told you, I said I'd help him with something. Nothing bad is gonna happen. I'm just doing..."business". Anyways I need a change. I own enough damn cars.

Misha: I don't care how many cars you own, you ain't changin'! We said you were done with your hustlin' days. We is goin' to better places now Franklin.

Franklin: Yeah, I know. It's like I said, it's just business. Calm down.

Misha: Yeah well god help me Franklin, it better be!


Franklin just collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep. He had so much going on in his mind that he was physically drained. He slept through the night but would still have to consult with Michael and Trevor the next day most likely. The sooner this job was done the sooner Franklin could get out of the repo industry and move forward with his life. But there was still the problem of dealing with Lamar and also whatever kind of sh*t he thought Trevor might throw up in the mist of all this.


Tomorrow's just another day in Los Santos...




Chapter 2:

Wednesday September 18th 2013:

8:39 a.m.

Franklin had the day off from work today. Due to his position in the office he got Wednesday's off unless Jim would call him in to take care of some important business. Which usually means getting back at a customer that Jim doesn't have the balls to do himself.


Franklin was still sleeping on his day off when he and Misha were awoken by the ringing of Franklin's old Wiz Wireless on the dresser beside his bed. Franklin checked the caller id on his phone to see Michael's name on the screen.


Franklin: Yo?

Michael: Rise and Shine sunshine.

Franklin: It's my day off Michael, I'm tryna' have a lie in.

Michael: Well that's too bad. We gotta lotta' work to do today. Meet me at Griffith Observatory at 10:30 a.m.

Franklin: Fine, but next time, my day off means my day off!


Michael hung up without response.


Franklin: Whatever, man.

Misha: Michael huh? And what did he want?

Franklin: Nothin', just wants to talk to me.

Misha: ...*rolls over with her back to Franklin and goes back to sleep*


Franklin didn't like the idea of bickering with Misha but he felt as though she'd eventually come round to the idea of him wanting the best for them. Clearing his mind, Franklin got dressed and tidied himself up to a respectable manner.


9:48 a.m.

After he had his breakfast and watched some early morning Republican Space Rangers, Franklin decided to head out to meet Michael at the Observatory. It was a bit of a distance away so Franklin thought best to leave early.


Franklin took the red convertible Super GT from outside his driveway and drove off towards the meeting point. The weather in Los Santos today wasn't as nice as yesterday. It was rather overcast, yet with a warm air in the atmosphere. Franklin decided earlier that morning he'd wear a white shirt with long sleeves under his blue t-shirt to combat the possibility of the cold.


After 25 minutes of driving, Franklin pulled of the main roads of Los Santos and proceeded up the winding country roads to where the Observatory was located overlooking the city. When he reached the top it was about 10:21 a.m. Franklin still tired, decided to wait out in the open air to try wake himself up a little.

Approximately 5 minutes later, Michael pulled up in his blue Sentinel XS.


Michael: Hey man, good to cya'.

Franklin: Yeah sure. What's this all abou'?

Michael: Walk with me...


The pair walked around to the front of the Observatory. From the front, you could see pretty much all of Los Santos. The only region you couldn't clearly see was the area behind the high rise buildings like the LS Bank and the under construction Mile High Club. This is the place where the trio met yesterday in the scrapyard overlooking the area located behind the high rise buildings.


Michael: You know what this is Franklin?

Franklin: Uh, Los Santos!?

Michael: *laughs* Funny guy. This here Franklin is our very own, living, breathing overhead map...of Los Santos. From here we can use the telescopes to see exactly were are best routes are for getting in a getting out of this heist.

Franklin: Why can't you just buy a map?

Michael: Oh, don't worry, we've got those too. However from here we can see things a map doesn't offer. Scale. We need to know exactly where the fastest moving roads are and the best place to expose of the van. Try doin' that with a piece of paper!

Franklin: Fair point. But don't we need a plan first, before we find the route?

Michael: Now that's for me and Trevor to handle. He's taking care of the guns, I'll do the planning for how it all goes down and you...you Franklin...you'll drive us in and out of this thing. After all, you should be used to driving fast evading the law and getting away quickly, right?

Franklin: I guess so.

Michael: Now, see? That's why I got you!


The two spoke for a minute or so after that before going there separate ways.


Franklin: So when we gonna start this thing

Michael: Trevor and I are gonna meet up later at the scrapyard and discuss a couple things. You can come too if you like. In fact, do. You could do with knowing what exactly is going down in this heist.

Franklin: Yeah, I could. What time?

Michael: 8:00 p.m.

Franklin: Aight', guess I'll see ya' then.

Michael: Until then Frankie.


Michael headed back towards Rockford Hills where his mansion was. Franklin still hadn't been to Michael's house yet even though he'd been seeing him regularly for the past couple months. Michael said he doesn't like involving his family with his business, so takes care of matters outside of the home. By the sounds of things, Franklin didn't really want to meet his family anyway. Michael described them as his nagging bitch of a wife who's emptying his bank account, annoying teenage daughter who's addicted to texting and isolating herself from her parents and his son who's addiction is slightly different, that being smoking pot and gaming.


11:30 a.m.

*phone rings*

Franklin: Yeah?

Lamar: Hey man, you busy?

Franklin: No. Why?

Lamar: Can you gimmy a ride to the QuickStop? I gotta get a couple things.

Franklin: Yeah, better than listenin' to Misha!

Lamar: Cool bro, I'm at home so swing by in the next hour?

Franklin: Cya' then so.

*hangs up*


For Franklin, being friends with Lamar was like being his big brother. The two used to sling dope in the ghetto but things swung out of shape causing Misha to convince Franklin to give it up. So he found his repo job, but Lamar had too many family connections to just "leave". He can be quite a frustrating character in Franklin's life at times.


11:45 a.m.

Now approaching the ghettos of Los Santos, Franklin began to remember why he was convinced to leave the place. There was a long slightly bending round which led to a cul-de-sac at the top of the street. Along the road were houses on either side with the occasional low rider outside of parked across the lawn. Ahead Franklin could see Lamar hanging by a steel fence with a couple of people Franklin chose to steer clear off after he left. All around there was "homies" in baggy tracksuit pants and low cut tank tops exposing their gang tattoos. Franklin pulled up a couple meters away from Lamar trying not to make eye contact with his former "buddies".


As Lamar got into the vehicle, he and Franklin noticed a dark skinned man in a white tank top and jeans sprinted out an alley onto the ghetto streets. Shortly after came three police officers, but by the time they got out of the alley the ganster disappeared into the crowd of people standing outside the block of flats. The cops would rarely go in there without a squad on hand due to the severity of what some of the gang members here had done in the past. Often known to set rottweiler dogs on anyone who wasn't welcome. South Los Santos these days was changing, and the heat between the LSPD and the "boys in da' hood" wasn't something you would want to get involved in.


Franklin and Lamar spoke of these scenes on there way to the supermarket, Franklin still trying to put Lamar on the right tracks and get him to follow in his footsteps. Whenever Franklin would bring this sort of thing up, Lamar just convinced him of being a hypocrit due to the fact that he ignored everything Misha would try tell him. It was a long and hard life being a gangbanger, even after you've left.


12:07 p.m.

Turning of the busy street, Franklin pulled into the QuickStop car park. He waited in his Super GT as Lamar picked up a few things. He noticed a familiar truck parked across the street. It was Trevor's faded green pick up. Franklin soon remembered that ammunation was on the block of stores on the opposite side of the street. He assumed Trevor was sorting out their gun issue for the job, however certainly wasn't in the mood to go and find out. A couple minutes later and Lamar emerged from the corner shop. As he took his seat back in the car, he was froze by Franklin's stare.


Franklin: So...?

Lamar: What?

Franklin: You got me to drive you across town sp you could buy a f*cking soda and some chips?

Lamar: How else was gonna get here. You said you weren't busy!

Franklin: And you didn't even get me anything.

Lamar: *offering Franklin some chips*

Franklin: *F*ck you man*


1:02 p.m.

Franklin, now p*ssed off by Lamar's antics, didn't go back into the ghetto estate. Instead he just pulled up a block away and signaled Lamar to get out. This was the kind of sh*t that Franklin felt was extremely frustrating about Lamar. The man was in his 20's and still acted like a child who can't support himself.


For the next couple of hours Franklin drove around Los Santos occupying himself with Pop Eye's Chicken and cruising along the beach. He also returned to the Observatory to have a second look. He knew that if he wanted to get out of this, he had to have his head screwed on and make sure he did this right.


7:42 p.m.

The sun was now setting as it lowered behind the large mountains around Los Santos casting large shadows over much of the city. After returning home to get a hoody Franklin started his drive to meet up with Michael and Trevor. On his way he passed by the oil rig outside of Los Santos and turned back towards the scrapyard. Michael and Trevor were already there waiting in the overhead room. Franklin parked up around the back of the building and exited his car, listening to ringing of the infared locker on his keys. He scaled the steps and knocked on the steel door were he was met by Michael opening the door. Inside the room, Franklin noticed a duffel bag laying on the table. He sat down with the other two and they began to discuss their plans.


Michael: Okay boys, quick change of plan. I've decided to bring in two more men for this job. I know the guys from past jobs and they're completely reliable with this kinda' thing. We won't be meeting them until the day before the heist. Which I've now scheduled for Thursday the 26th. We'll hit the place at exactly 10:00 a.m. when they open as to avoid having to deal with customers. We'll get in, lock up behind us and Franklin will drive the van round the back of the store where we'll exit.

Trevor: Yeah, sounds good to me. Anyway uh, I got those silencer add ons we spoke of and some gas masks in case you were interested. *Trevor opened the duffel bag to reveal the slick looking polished silencers and 5 gas masks he got from a trailer meth lab he stook in a pond near Blaine County*

Michael: Good, the guys I'm bringing in are providing the AK's so everything sound click together nicely.

Franklin: So were we meetin' up then for this thing?

Michael: Well, while we were waiting for you to arrive, Trevor and I discussed and came to the conclusion that we'd be meeting at Trevor's place at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. We'll set everything up and do a quick run over of everything again and from there we'll start our mission.


Michael, Trevor and Franklin waited around for another couple hours making sure everything made sense and they got their timing right. Michael instructed Franklin to take a map he gave him and analyze it up at the Observatory. If there were any issues with the route he told Franklin to mark out the discrepancies and report them back to him ASAP. Trevor on the other was told to stay out of trouble for the time being.


After they locked up and left the scrapyard, they all went home to rest as there was a big couple of days ahead. Michael went home to his Rockford Hills mansion, Franklin to his South Los Santos apartment and Trevor to his Blaine County trailer home.


A couple days past by and the trio were having regular meetings on and off in order to get things right. Michael told Franklin and Trevor to have some bonding time and instructed Trevor to let Franklin get familiar with the van out in Blaine County. Franklin took it for a spin and quickly adapted to its surprisingly adequate turning and speed. There was plenty of room in the back for extra men aswell as space for three in the front. He shifted through the gears and took corners at satisfying speeds for around 45 minutes before parking it back in the bushes behind Trevor's crappy run down trailer. A quick gas top up and the van was ready for Thursday.


In the meantime, Michael had been staging separate meetings with his other men. On of which was an ex Los Santos correctional facility inmate for murder. No problem pointing a gun at anyone who crosses their paths so.


Wednesday September 25th 2013:

9:37 p.m.

Franklin was very busy today as he took the option of working on Wednesday and taking the Thursday off to allow for him and the gang to hit the jeweler's. He turned in early as he could only pray all went to plan.


9:58 p.m.

Over in his Rockford Hills mansion, Michael finished off his last glass of whiskey and headed to bed himself in his 5 bedroom house. Unlike Franklin, Michael was more than confident that this was going to go down as he planned. He'd been in the game long enough to know how to pull of a heist and not get caught. As the clock past 10:00 p.m. by a couple of minutes, Michael dozed off ready for an early start the next morning.


11:13 p.m.

Up in Blaine County, Trevor's trailer windows were lit with blue lighting from the outside as he waited up to watch the penultimate episode of The Men's Room with Bas and Jeremy. He only watched it to so he could occasionally make sexist comments about the topics like woman drivers and the dominant sex. He was the kind of person nobody really understood, somewhat bipolar too. Once he finished watching his T.V show, he got some rest on his greasy, foldout trailer bed, which such a thin mattress it'd destroy anyone's spinal cord. Predictably Trevor slept in his regular stain covered clothes.


For the entire crew, Judgment Day, was now just a matter of hours away...

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Ok, so I don't know if anyone even wants to give reading this a shot but anyway, I've updated the OP with Chapter 2 if anyone does want to read it.


This is all I've done to this point so I'm contemplating whether or not I should do a Chapter 3 just yet. I know I shouldn't just abandon a story but I don't want to waste my time if nobody wants to read, which is completely your opinion and choice btw, I've got no problem if you don't like it so no disrespect. icon14.gif But if anyone would like a 3rd chapter, post and say so, otherwise this is it...

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Going to give it a read later tonight, for sure. And thanks for the credit. You were a good listener! icon14.gif

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o Mr Punchy o

keep going it's really entertaining and interesting i';ve read through it 2-3 times now and there is a mistake in chapter 2:


Franklin decided to head out to meet Franklin at the Observatory. It was a bit of a distance away so Franklin thought best to leave early.


overall it's very good.

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keep going it's really entertaining and interesting i';ve read through it 2-3 times now and there is a mistake in chapter 2:


Franklin decided to head out to meet Franklin at the Observatory. It was a bit of a distance away so Franklin thought best to leave early.


overall it's very good.

Thanks. I guess if you really want me to continue I'll try get a chapter 3 up in the next week. Also thanks for pointing out that error.

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o Mr Punchy o

No problem smile.gif this story is something to read when im bored and I actually like it I wonder if a part of the story will be like this

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Chapter 3 coming May 11th 2013...


Edit: Slight delay with chapter 3. Family occasion coming up so it's gonna have to come at a later date.

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