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GTA V Screenshots - Sunsets, Seas, Skies and So On


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That thunderstorm is awesome. wow.gif Underwater, a minigun, that Michael's pose in the last picture.

Damn, I can't wait.

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Minigun is in.


Detailed waves/water visuals. Underwater world too!


Lighting engine is beautiful. Loving the wind farm screenshot.


The map - HUGE!


Is there something missing from the bike handles?

Edited by ChillyPhilly
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It's about damn time they came out of hibernation and gave us something, loving dat Minigun

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The one with Trevor riding the motorbike, it seems like he is looking in the wing mirrors which haven't been added yet. In addition to that, are they noose guys hanging off the side of the 4x4's?


Sunglasses are in!


The map looks massive in these new screens, they seem to be taken from new/different places that weren't in the previous screens.

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Just saw it on FB, Rockstar always comes out of nowhere with new stuff! The hills and woods and the water (over and under) look f*cking great for a game this HUGE

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The picture with the lightning is awesome! wow.gif Rockstar never fails to surprise me.

I'm also glad that we're getting minigun in GTA V too!

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Nice screenshots, hope to see much more soon!

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Michael looks badass cool.gif

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Still no animals or farm country! Not complaining though. Scuba diving looks like it could be a serene experience. I also like seeing the hatch of the plane open. It leads me to believe that we will be able to load things on the planes. Except for snakes!!

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These screens are f*cking amazing. Now that's noticeable polishing, holy crap! Keep up the good work Rockstar! Lightning, Miniguns!

image.pngut_dog.png   image.png

let your hopes and dreams turn into burning fire!

GTANet | Red Dead Network | kifflom 

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

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Okay so who thinks these screens are from console?


And who thinks these are PC/edited shots?

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Game looks amazing. Mini gun!!!!!


Also, you can tell that the cargo door of the plane in the sky dive scene is open. Maybe Trevor's uncharted scene in trailer two will be possible in free roam.

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The N. Bellic Man

Looks absolutely worth waiting. The only thing you can complain about is the lack of details on that motorcycle that Trevor is driving.

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