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Portal 2: The Saviours' Demise

Recommended Posts


Chapter 1 – The Unexpected Betrayal


The robotic angels filled the tube with rhythmic clicks and beats like no other, singing in a tongue that had never been heard in the confines of Aperture. Chell was feeling light headed, very faint. Getting fainter and fainter as the lift moved, maybe the lift was above ground but constantly rising or perhaps it had just stopped completely, things started to move and Chell couldn’t see properly. As the whirring and buzzing turned into faded tones a door opened, stumbling out Chell caught a glimpse of a sight like no other. A completely grown wheat field, or it might not have been. She had gotten to the stage where she was hallucinating. Seeing Turrets all over the wheat field, accompanied by lasers and buttons. Maybe she was still in Aperture, this could be all a dream soon to be demolished by the cold hearted tones of the strange machine that served as her enemy, friend, capturer and saviour.

A loud bang startled Chell, causing her to instantaneously and involuntarily turn around, things were really shaky now, did this actually happen? Is it another hallucination? After the anti-climax of the door closing, something startling did happen. The very cube she had seen so long ago, flew out through the door. It was right in front of her, she had to be dreaming. She could so faintly see anything now, maybe all the events were too overwhelming but her pain seemed to be getting worse, after moments of loud buzzing and fading a huge pain shot through her whole body. And with that, she was out of it.

Little did Chell know, the elevator was GLaDOs’ final trap, the turrets were not performing any song, but merely shooting her. As the elevator went up she became more unconscious, finally slumping out as the door opened, then with a final breath she collapsed.


Chapter 2 – The Good Samaritan


As her semi lifeless body hit the ground, all the bad thing in her life flashed before her eyes. The neurotoxin accident that started what would be her never ending torture, traumatic memories of the machine that enslaved her and treated her like a plaything, all the torture and sanity she endured and sacrificed to escape her seemingly unending pain. Then the tiny amount of happy thoughts she had come rushing in, Chell seemed happy to be dead, to finally be out of her sorry excuse for a life. Instead of being trapped in the machines playground she could dream about anything, however faint the dream might be it made her happy, suddenly the dream started collapsing and everything started disappearing rapidly. Chell was halfway through a blurry but recognisable memory of herself with her parents, she screamed as they disappeared and quickly the blissful memory of what used to be, quickly turned into horror, then she saw it, the machine that did all this to her, Chell started panicking at the realisation that it might have all been a dream and she was just awake for another day of testing. She tried to escape, to move, but she couldn’t. The machine got closer and closer until everything suddenly changed and Chell shot upright, awake and not in her prison, but suddenly she was forced back down after a rush of unimaginable pain shot down her back.


Chell wasn’t sure where she was, she was neither in Aperture nor in the wheat field, but in what seemed to be a small hut, it was well maintained apart from a cobweb or two, Chell tried to sit up but was stopped by a weird feeling on her body, she managed to lift her head a bit and realised she had a back brace on, but what intrigued her more was that under the brace Chell realised that she was no longer enclosed in the awful orange jumpsuit she had worn for so long without removing, she was wearing fresh, clean clothes. Chell tried to sit up slightly but she failed and slumped back down, causing the brace to “clink”, when she did sit up for a brief second she saw a woman examining her long fall boots in the corner, the woman must have heard Chells brace because she turned around to talk to her. “Oh thank god you’re awake. I was worried you might not wake up, I’ve just been looking at the stuff I found you with, these boots are quite interesting, not your everyday fashion item” She stared at Chell expecting and answer but Chell stared back blankly. “Not much of a talker I see, you’re probably still in shock. You’ve been out for days, I must have removed over 100 bullets from you. What the hell happened?” She exclaimed. Chell pointed at the Aperture logo on the boots and hoped the woman would understand.


“You came from this place? What did they shoot your or something?” The woman said jokingly, until Chells stare made her realise that her near-demise was the doing of the company she came from. “Oh, uh sorry I uhh didn’t really think they’d do that to one of their employees. Anyway my name is Alexis and you are?” Alexis stuck out her hand to shake hands with Chell, also expecting an answer. Chell simply shook back returning a half-hearted smile. Alexis seemed like a strange character, Chell couldn’t get her head around it. There was just something about her that Chell didn’t like, but she had saved Chells life so she can’t be that bad, Chell didn’t particularly trust anyone after the life she’d just escaped from. Over the next few weeks Alexis nursed Chell back to health. She helped her walk properly without the brace, gave her a nice bed and proper food- not beans, but for some reason she wouldn’t let Chell go outside, everytime she went to the door Alexis would stop her, and tell her she had to stay inside, Chell was becoming very impatient because she had been kept in the confines of Aperture all her life and now someone else was confining her in this god forbidden hut. Although Alexis seemed kind and thoughtful, she was also very strange and always seemed to be on edge, and Chell didn’t like it.


Over those weeks Chell had thought over and over again about what she’d do when she left- if she ever did. She had no money or contacts, in fact she might be miles from any proper civilisation, and when she did reach them what would happen? Chell didn’t have the heart to just leave Alexis after all she’d done for her, but at the same time she didn’t feel 100% around her. One day, about a month after Chell was found on her death bed, Alexis deemed her fit to leave. “Yep, you check up fine, you can walk properly and do most other things normally- except talk, but that’s probably a short term thing. It’s been nice having your companionship” Chell nodded back as if to say she enjoyed it too, which wasn’t wholly true, just as Chell was about to leave Alexis caught her attention by grabbing the long fall boots and companion cube “Will you be needing these or not?” She asked in a hopeful tone. Chell didn’t exactly need them anymore, and it’s the least she could do for Alexis so she just shook her head. “Oh thank you so much, they’re just so strange and intriguing, I tried dismantling them and using them- with the boots did you ever try jumping and landing on your head and the cubes really light, also- ... sorry I’m trailing off. Listen, please be careful out there, I don’t want to find you lying in a field again, because I might not be able to help you the next time. But if you ever are around then stop by and visit, I hardly get visitors so it would be nice, you know?” Chell would have liked for Alexis to come with her, seeing as she probably knew the place better than she did. But Chell didn’t bother, so she just started to leave before Alexis got her to stay inside again.


“Well, bye- uhh hey I never got your name” Chell stopped, turned back into the house and grabbed a bit of paper and Alexis went to get her a pen, Chell quickly scrawled her name- one of the only literary things she could do- then started to leave. “Tthat name really suits you, I don’t want to keep you any longer, your family are probably anticipating your return” Chell shot Alexis a deathly glare, but then resorted to a normal look after realising she shouldn’t get mad at Alexis, after all how would she know that Chell had no family or friends, Chell held her stare for a bit too long though because suddenly Alexis changed her mood “What’s wrong? Have I upset you? Are you still hurt? Come back in and I’ll help you, come on stop hesitating- COME BACK IN” Chell was extremely startled by this, Alexis was being extremely clingy and making Chell uncomfortable. Chell started backing away before turning around and leaving quickly. “Fine” Alexis said over her sobbing “Just leave, you obviously don’t want stay here any longer, I can’t control you and I don’t want to try, just leave like my daughter did” Chell felt extremely sorry for Alexis, how selfish had she been?, she walked back in and stuck her hand out to Alexis “Wh-What are you doing?” Chell shook her hand to get Alexis’ attention pointed to it then being the stubborn person she was, closed the door. Alexis half smiled and stuck her hand out and shook her hand. “So I guess you’re staying?” Chell nodded. “Good, that’s just how I like it”


Chapter 3 – The Ulterior Motive


Over the next few weeks Chell would regret not leaving, she would curse her stubbornness and her inability to fight it, and how it was what got her into this mess in the first place. She thought over several plans to escape but all seemed stupider as she went along, she wasn’t a very good thinker because she simply hadn’t done much of it, she was too busy trying to save her own life day after day, how could she have time to even think about anything? Chell remembered her days at aperture. 20 hours of non-stop testing and 4 hours of sleep, every day for however many years Chell had been there, she would constantly wake up sweating and panicking at the exact same time, she wasn’t sure what time it was but it was always when the black line would point at the 5 and the 12, Chell didn’t have much of an education either, only learning basic Math and English. Not nearly enough knowledge a woman of her age should have, Chell avoided doing tasks that involved these subjects because it made her feel stupid and useless, I suppose you could say it’s one of the reasons why she never talks, because she can’t process complex enough sentences in her mind- or what’s left of it.


She was struggling to look for ways out of this trap, some days Alexis would be normal but other days she would be clingy and over-protective. Chell being the stubborn person she was wouldn’t co-operate which would cause Alexis to get angry. Chell put up with it for another week until she finally snapped, it was a normal day and Alexis was being normal, just leaving Chell to her own business. Chell was just walking around Alexis’ hut when she came across a book shelf, Chell knew she could hardly read but she took a book anyway and decided to try and read it, Chell couldn’t read the title properly, she could make out “Living” and “with” but the other 2 words didn’t make sense, deciding it wasn’t worth the time she put the book down and was distracted by the most beautiful glimmering of the sun outside, the way it’s halo would shine on the white flowers mesmerised her, she looked to see where Alexis was and couldn’t see her so she opened the door and went outside. After moments of feeling the amazing heat of the halo on her face, Alexis came rushing outside, grabbed Chell and pulled her back in. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE? I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO OUTSIDE. FOR GODS SAKE YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK, DO YOU NOT LISTEN TO A THING I SAY?” Chell didn’t like the way Alexis was grabbing her and tried to push her off, but Alexis wouldn’t budge. After a few more moments Chell grabbed Alexis’ arms and shoved her as hard as she could, Alexis tripped backwards over a stool and went head-first into the wall.


Chapter 4 – The Unexpected Speaker


Chell wasn’t sure what to do, she couldn’t just leave Alexis on her own but if she woke up she might attack Chell, but she had every right to. Chell decided that she didn’t care if Alexis killed her, she was tired of her life and she simply didn’t care. After a few more suicidal thoughts Chell realised Alexis wasn’t THAT crazy, she wouldn’t kill Chell nevertheless She would sit by Alexis and hope for the best, after sitting there for what felt like hours Chell realised she had time to think, not about any specific subject but she just had time to think. She thought about Aperture, how she had trusted Wheatley then he just betrayed her, and how she trusted GLaDOs and she betrayed her, she then moved on to the hurtful realization that she had betrayed Alexis. The first person to reach out to her. Chell thought and thought about the whole situation and ultimately decided it was both their faults and the best solution was to stay away from eachother.


Chell, sorry to leave Alexis in this state stood up and turned around and opened the door. “Wh-where are you going” Chell whipped her head around faster than a bullet. “I looked after you and y-you betrayed me, you’re a-a monster” after that Alexis let out a bloody cough, that word hit Chell like a boulder “monster” Was Chell a monster? What she did was awful but does that constitute as a monster? The real definition of a monster in Chells opinion is the very one who caused her to become like this, the machine, the captive. Chell just stood there and stared at Alexis, and strangely without word Alexis stared back. A surge of thoughts hit Chells head and without even thinking about it she said Sorry. “Did you- what- why?” Exclaimed Alexis. “Sorry” Chell said again. “I-I know you’re sorry but-but why now? Why talk now? After all this… confusion. Why talk now?” Chell just stood there, not believing what she’d done. Chell had forgotten what her voice sounded like before that, and she wanted to talk again but her brain wouldn’t let her. Alexis was still in a state, everything from Chell dropping the book to her speaking was only about 20 minutes, but it felt like hours. As Alexis failed to prop herself up Chell instantly rushed over and helped her, there was tension between them and Alexis was reluctant to let Chell “help” her.


She had absolutely no clue what she was doing, when she would bleed in Aperture GLaDOs would simply drop down a flask of water and tell her to wash it out, but Alexis bled from the inside and Chell had no clue how to react to that. As Alexis sat there, slightly propped up Chell just looked at her, seeing what she had done. One side of her face was bruised and she could not move her arm. Chell would often try to hug Alexis but would get brushed away because of the hurt caused by what she did. A few weeks or so passed after the incident and during those Chell tried to help as much as she could, even saying sorry again once or twice, but Alexis explained that sorry didn’t always mean to one person what the other person is trying to mean, but Chell didn’t understand. Alexis took care of herself and mostly ignored Chells presence, still fuming after what she did.


Chell couldn’t stand herself, she would cause one problem after the next. The machines prophecy came true, she did become someone else’s problem. One night in the shack after about 4 months since she first met Chell, Alexis could hear a strange noise coming from her bed. She went over to investigate and found Chell hugging the charred cube whilst sobbing. Alexis stood there awkwardly for a moment until she crouched down and put her hand on Chells shoulder. Chell jumped and turnt around, then looked surprised by Alexis’ presence. Chell opened her mouth to speak but struggled for a bit until finally letting it out, “I-I’m bad”. Alexis was extremely dismayed by this, she knew nothing about Chell apart from her name and the fact that she thought she was bad. “No ones bad. It’s how people react after the environments they’ve been in, I don’t know where you’ve been but-“ Alexis was interrupted by Chell. “Aperture” she sobbed. “I know you’re from Aperture but- wait. They made you like this?” Chell nodded and turned her head as tears streamed down her face after a flash of harsh memories flooded her head. “No that- how could they be so harsh- You poor poor woman. Chell I don’t know how old you are but when I found you… you-you were like a turning point in my life. My daughter didn’t run away Chell, she died. She died because I couldn’t get her the medicine she needed and I’d been in an avalanche of guilt since then. I WAS too over protective to you but you need to understand why, You were like my daughter, I wanted to treat you like my own and those few weeks that I did, were the best I’ve had for a long time, I don’t know what’s going through your head right now but if one of the thoughts is leaving me, then I understand. You can go”


Chapter 5 – The Chapter Name The Author Couldnt Think Up Yet


Alexis half expected Chell to leave, and she almost wanted her too for the greater good of both of them but after her speech Chell rethought her entire self. She wasn’t a maniac or a mute, she was a perfectly normal human being who had been exposed to abnormal environments, she realised that out of Aperture she was becoming more human. She was speaking and feeling emotion, she felt safe around Alexis. After fighting through the thick and thing she finally felt at home, Alexis reminded her of the few thoughts she had of her mother, and this satisfied Chell extremely. Alexis was also thinking how much Chell reminded Alexis of her deceased daughter, she was a long shot from the real person but she too made Alexis feel happy and safe.


Chell stood up from the bed, grabbed her boots and cube and went to the door and opened it. She held up her items and threw them as far as she could. When they were gone she came back into the shack and slammed the door shut. “What- why did you do that?” said Alexis, very puzzled by the situation. Chell sat on the bed and simply said “No more hurt”


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Constructive Criticism please.

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Not bad. I've never played the Portal series so I don't really know the story. pretty good though.

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Not bad. I've never played the Portal series so I don't really know the story. pretty good though.

You should get it, only £15 on steam.

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only £15

Some of us are on the dole you know!

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only £15

Some of us are on the dole you know!

I'm short on money too, if you desperately want to play it then just torrent it.

Edited by gtamad8

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Chapter 4 in the works.

Edited by gtamad8

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Chapter 4 done, 5 in the works. I have a new title but I won't request the change until the stories done. Hope you people like it.

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