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[SA/IV] GTA Wasteland


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6 hours ago, -Anti- said:

wow you weren't kidding. It really is unplayable. I found some books, killed some guards and a cult in a church and explored the main buildings but nothing happend. without any markes you are really cluless what to do.

Anyway the map looks very interesting and I was impressed by its size. It was fun to explore - not a big fan of the vehicle style though.

Spent about an hours looking at everything until I got bored.

The style of the intro looks cool and the gore effects and sounds make it very different to the original. A translation would be really nice. I hope there is somebody willing to do it.

How long are you working on this already btw. I'm really impressed  by all the stuff you've done especially when considering your other projects.

Not too much time, major part of this mod is scripting, cuz making game feels like old-school RPG games like Falloout 1-2, Wasteland, Bad Blood and many more, is'nt easy. Just for example, making mission with many car chases and shooting is'nt hard. Expectaly making cine-cutscene is'nt hard. But making many choises, which realy mean for game world - this is hard job. Making RPG system with expirience, level and perks - this is hard workin. 
I spended over than 3 years for making conception how all this mechanics can be work on GTA SA. And now i done it. Yeah, not perfect, but as workin conception this is good i think. So next relese 'll be more smoother and professional lookin.

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I would love to play the mod.

What is link for mod? And link for translation?

Edited by marco886
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57 minutes ago, marco886 said:


I would love to play the mod.

What is link for mod? And link for translation?

Link for a mod avaible


, but translation still not=(

Anyway, you can wait for final realese this summer, and maybe final cut gonna be use installer with multilanguage variations.


Edited by BlackStallionDX
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