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New Opcodes

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Hello M8s,

As i Am having some Free Time,

I want to learn some new coding related Things.


My Big Question is "How to Create a New Opcode" ?

I know a mod on Garage which can help me in this but can someone

Give me a Working Example of Creating a Simple opcode,


Like as we know 0x7E49C0 is pointer to player car,

& at offset +0x23C the value of current radio station is present,


What will be the Code to to make a opcode Which

will store the Current Radio station of Player car to a Variable ?

So that we can use it like > " [email protected] = Current_Radio_Station" or " [email protected] = Car [email protected] radio Station"



I forgot the Command to used for editing the Memory address of a Process While Making a Dll

it as something like Byte*(&9062CF1, 25) or *Float(&9A24E56, 963.5)


thanks fastman92,

that was *(float*)0x68F1F4 = 99999.99;



other Questing is

What will be the Code of condition if i want something to execute only if i press F12



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So Nobody Knows Here,

or don't have enough time to explain it to Me,



Did someone tried VC Opcode Hook by ModelingMan

Can someone provide the Source of a Good & Working Example of this Mod,

other than the Given Sample,(i don't get it)

Edited by Ashwin the new boy

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It seems that all the Coding Legends of Our Form are on Vacations,

So Nobody gonna tell me how do they do it,

well okay,


I was Looking for the Source of any mod which Make Script Usable Opcode,

I didn't found that of Cleo.asi (vc) lol.gif

BTW tell me if you did,


Another Mod is GTAMA, available with Source Code,

I read it & Still Reading it to get How did they Insert a New Opcode,


So can anyone Help me by reading its opcode Portion & Tell me something about it ?

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