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Emperor Zero

Ideas for a CreepyPasta?

Recommended Posts

Emperor Zero

I write my own CreepyPastas from time to time. I have written several in the past, but now I have ultimately run out of ideas. The ones I make now are terrible than the previous ones. I'll share a few that I have written before, but I want some ideas for a CreepyPasta that I can write. I mostly write Video Game CreepyPastas, so if you have any ideas on that, tell me.



Here are some that I have written:



Twilight Nightmare


Graphic C


BETA Final Fantasy XIII Bootleg


Now they may seem a little Cliche, but I want some new ideas for a CreepyPasta, this has become one of my favorite hobbies. Thanks to all that help! icon14.gif

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

A man believes a murderer is killing people around him and is targeting him next, but it turns out He was the murderer all along


A kid is haunted by the ghost of his future self


A hiker is chased all around a mountain by a ferocious five month old puppy


An archaeologist stumbles into his ancestors' mausoleum and is chasedby a mummy


A woman is chased by a mental convict Who is her adopted son


A religious man fights off demons who turn out to be citizens of his neighborhood and he is possessed by the devil


A bully is visited by the Larger future version of one of his bullied kids


A man that had prepared for a vampire attack Is visited by his mother, who is a vampire.


A college kid is overwhelmed by school work and an evil science professor


Just a few ideas off the top of my head.




I've got more:


A soldier has shell shock and thinks his drill Sargent came back home with him and judges his every move but it turns out he was never there like in Courage the Cowardly Dog "Perfect"


An Italian man visiting America is hunted down bynationalists


A hard rocker wakes up in bed with the devil


A native american is driven off his land by werewolves


A game of tic tac toe turns into a life or death scenario


A security guard and a captured criminal feel the wrath of a haunted prison


A Jewish man believes he is being followed by Hitler's ghost


A man wakes up on a sinking ship with a monster on board.


A celebrity is followed by evil paparazzi


A songwriter is haunted by his own songs


A forum troll is haunted by his troll posts


A politician tells the truth


A blacksmith is mummified and reborn in the future with his 1800's knowledge still with him

Edited by The Pizza Delivery Guy

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Creepypastas are scary>.

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Emperor Zero

Anybody else have any ideas? It needs to be an idea for a Video game creepypasta because that is all I usually make. I can definitely make them scary if you give me some ideas!

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Video game creepypastas usually follow the "Someone finds an unmarked game at a garage sale and gets it for free because the owner didn't want it anyway and they get home to play it and strange stuff happens in the game and the player gets scared then something crawls out of the T.V. like some The Ring type sh*t and then everyone dies the end."


If you can get a really good story going you could easily negate the above process, like I kind of did in my creepypasta.


As for ideas... I kind of drained myself in my earlier post. All I can think of now is a player creating an intense relationship between two game characters that escalates into the player actually wanting to become a part of it. If done right, it could be a crazy Twilight Zone-like story... but just seems odd to me. Nice decent into insanity though... could work out.


I'm rambling at this point so do what you want but my post stays.

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^ trust this guy, he knows his stuff. smile.gif

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Emperor Zero

Someone did a review on my Final Fantasy Creepypasta



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I'm not sure whether they're overdone or not, but a RuneScape creepypasta would give you a lot of room to expand.


I think The Pizza Delivery Guy's second idea could work pretty well with it, if you replaced a character with another player.


(And there's this MMO which was all over /x/ about a year ago, which means there's definitely lots of creepypasta, but it could be fun to write about.)

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Thomas the train creepypastas are the scarriest.

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Here is a Creepy Pasta Member idea because I have the Character idea but I have no talent for writing


Known as: Omen also known as The Dark Survivor but once was called “The Herald of the unnatural”


Real name Connor


Skinny young adult Male


Pale white skin, long emo brownish blond hair, and blue eyes


5 foot 8


Active powers: Has the ability to instantly summon another Creepy Pasta to his area, Near invisible but while in Incorporeal form he cannot be touched or touch anyone or anything not even other Creepy Pastas, and also 2 other forms Shadow form and Plague form.


Passive powers: Uncanny luck,Agelessness ,All things that are within a mile of him heal quicker and gain energy quicker, His presence attracts the supernatural of all forms, when he is getting mad or insane all those near him get a sanity and happiness drain that feeds him their sanity and happiness, Strong Regeneration, Supernatural power immunity, poison immunity, and Cold immunity.


Weapon Preference: Custom made Shield Claws they look like scrap


Clothing(All of which is large on him): Black Tee shirt, Deep Dark Red hoodie, Black and red Backpack, and Blue Sweat pant with Black shoes


Known for a very sarcastic and loner personality with a Video game/internet addiction


Killing style: He is not normally the one trying to kill you it's the people attracted to his powers most the time when he does kill it’s either a mercy kill or a self defense kill unless you really piss him off like through theft.


Fighting style: Prefers a defensive style but in a pinch his attacks become Powerful, violent, and brutal.


Favorite food: Shrimp


Likes: Games of many kinds, Darkness, Having longish hair, the cold, dice, Internet, and quiet


Dislikes: Parasites, most pasta, energetic people, stupid people, mugginess, Hot temperatures, spelling, zealots,Large crowds,Humans, Public speaking, overly emotional people, narcissistic people, cars, loud noises, forced friendliness, and responsibility


He seems to make migrations in between lairs in which he will live there for a few years before moving again. The lairs tend to be in dark and abandoned locations but he tends to travel into small towns and cities for supplies when he is out. Those that know about him tend to blame him for the supernatural that happen at random and outlandish places where they would not normally happen. DO NOT STEAL FROM HIM!!!!

Edited by Cjrawson

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The f*ck... mate, you just dug up a three year old topic, congrats!


At WD we don't like Necroposting, okay?


Mokrie, lock this.

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