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Tracksuit Hitman

(Review) The American.

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Tracksuit Hitman


user posted image

Overall rating: 8.3/10


user posted image

Everybody who is a fan of both modern and past box office will know that George Clooney is no amateur to any role. Clooney has made an appearance in all sorts of genres, ranging from a romantic drama to the most edge of your seat action thrillers. In Clooney's mid-2010 appearance in the not so critic dazzling The American which is based on A Very Private Gentleman, a novel written by British author Martin Booth I was confused to say the least why critics had been so harsh on director Anton Carbijn's brilliant work.


The movie begins in a slow, romantic motion which quickly escalates into a teeth gritting action scene which really got me interested in the movie in the first five minutes. Rather than having a not boring but un-needed twenty to thirty minute scene of getting to know the main character, 'Jack', played by Clooney the movie shoots straight into the action and leaves the viewers wondering what and why. I must admit that the movie did seem to be a bit repetitive at times and sometimes seemed like a realistic view on how the character would live was too thought out and stretched out although the amazing dramatic and action-filled scenes made up for it.


At times it seemed as if the movie was a bad attempt at fitting into the action and thriller genres because of the slow pace, the drama and the romance. Knowing Clooney, I knew that the movie would have had some romantic scenes fitted in because after all that's one of George's talents although I felt as if the reasoning behind why his character went for Violante Placido's character, Clara who is a prostitute in the small town of Abruzzo, Italy in the first place but that isn't a big issue. Moving onto positive notes, the way that Clooney seemed to rehabilitate in a way when speaking with Father Benedetto played by Paolo Bonacelli which was truly a lovely development in their relationship.


The three [main] actresses in the movie all had important roles in the movies, including Irina Björklund who only starred in the movie for the first ten to fifteen minutes. All three were and still are beautiful aswell as being amazing at their roles. Thekla Reuten's character was a quite mysterious one and at times, seemed to be quite seducing in the way she spoke and with how she used her body language which no doubt made viewers wonder why her character originally came across and seemed to try to seem an intimidating and sophisticated one which was later explained closer to the end of the movie. Clara, played by Violante Placido who was regularly visited by Jack, Clooney's character always seemed too sweet to be in the line of work that she was which got me asking questions and the bond that her and Jack developed was lovely to spectate from my seat.


For a slow-paced movie it was filled in with all sorts of questionable scenes, some of which sent chills down my spine. It was also filled with quite some spectacular action scenes as-well as fantastic romantic and dramatic scenes and relationships throughout the whole film. The cast were a spectacular one and almost every scene in The American made my heart pound despite the pace. I would recommend the movie to anybody! If you have time, you should definitely not give The American a pass.

Edited by Prominent Fate

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Mister Pink

Nice review man. Pity I'm the first to reply. So, I'm a huge fan of Anton Corbijn from his Depeche Mode music videos to Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box video, his photos of U2 for/in The Joshua Tree the film he did about Ian Curtis.


I'll give this film look. icon14.gif

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I loved the scene were he made the home made suppressor. Good flick. Nice review.

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Tracksuit Hitman
I loved the scene were he made the home made suppressor. Good flick. Nice review.

One of the most simple yet original scenes in modern box office. You don't get small yet important scenes like that these days.


Thank you both for the positive feedback on the review, ThePinkFloydSound, you should really give it a watch if you haven't already!

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