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Android Vice City

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Hey guys i just got Vice City on my Sony Xperia T (LT30P) Normal walking is great very smooth. BUT: The cutscenes dont work AND if you get on a car the screen freezes. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have v 1.03 Vice City and android 4.1.2

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Try to install Gingerbread or change Screen Resolution to 100.

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@City-- I'm not sure that advice (going back to gingerbread) is very doable without rooting the device and I don't know how increasing the visual resolution will help the game run better.




First-- try reinstalling the game-- perhaps it got boogered up on the install


Have you tried doing a few things to free up system resources??


Turn off ALL wireless communication-- bluetooth, wifi, data (if applicable)-- what this does will prevent your email/facebook/twitter/etc from checking for updates/notifications


Restart the device-- when it restarts make sure none of the wireless communication turns back on-- turn it off immediately if it does.


Close ALL running processes and apps that you can-- if your device has an onboard "killer" use that one, otherwise use a good 3rd party one.


If you are running any security software (virus/malware etc)-- force close those.


On my device (Samsung Galaxy S3)-- if you go into the settings-- way down at the bottom is a thing called "developer options"-- in there, I have a setting called-- limit running processes-- I can set this to 1, 2, 3, or 4 processes at most-- I can also set it to "No background processes", it defaults to "standard"-- and if you restart the device, it will return this to "standard"-- what I have done to make this game run better is to limit it to 2 or 3.... by doing this it will automatically kill processes if you switch to another program or what not.... so say if I set it for 3, the 3 most recently used apps will be left running. If I open a new app, the one I used longest ago will be closed.... the only downside of this is that if you do switch out of a running game and open too many apps, it can kill your game without you saving,


So anyway-- try the above-- if game works ok then great if not-- read on...


In game-- go into display settings and reduce draw distance, screen resolution, turn visual effects to LOW, turn dyanmic shadows to OFF-- only after you have gotten the game functional would I start messing with these settings (raising them back up).... you can slowly start increasing these and testing the game afterwards to make sure that increasing your visual setting doesn't hinder your game.





Edited by Spuds725

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