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Underwater Ballas & Vagos


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I was testing some codes that add Ballas or Vagos density to the Fallow bridge, Martin bridge, Whetstone bridge and etc. When I try overtaking the territories, they (the Ballas & Vagos) spawn under the bridge, at the bottom of the water. Typically, I just riddle a car with satchel charges, push it in the water, wait awhile for it to reach the bottom and detonate, but this takes awhile. Any advice?

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I usually snipe them out, but that's in the normal turf war. I presume you are talking turf wars all over the map wright?

I don't know if its possible because of the distances but you could try to use the underwater glitches.

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I discovered a splendid solution. There is a glitch that gives the Vortex submarine capabilities. I did a drive-by underwater with a Vortex submarine to make the Ballas & Vagos croak. This method would be great for collecting the Oysters.



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  • 4 months later...

Absence of water; in other words, no water.



Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

760FE360 00000000

280DA540 0CA57A65



63933620 E71C6C39


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)









Edited by King Andreas
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Rockets and missiles treats water like air so try out RPG. Much faster than satchels and hand grenades.



No water sounds very interesting. I have already been thinking how fun it would be to explore the ocean bottom. I have already explored some by using the infinite lung capacity cheat. But it's so dark down there.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The problem I have with Rockets is I tend to hit my boat with them. From now on, I'll just refrain from brewing certain territories. To exemplify, the area of water by Palomino Creek is a definite for them to spawn underwater, and this is a particularly hassling area because this zone is nothing except water. Here is an excellent map that displays all of the 380 potential zones. You might need to click the map to zoom in. Just to clarify, the zone I'm referring to is indicated by "FISH".


For the Santa Maria wars, try to linger by the war zone areas farthest from the water. This lessens the likelihood of them spawning underwater.

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How do you start a war in the FISH territory? I guess you use some trick that involves Satchels and Jetpack?


Enemies tend to not spawn in camera view so I just look at the direction I don't want them to show up.


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For territories such as that, I activate the gangs everywhere cheat (the one that only spawns Grove, Ballas, and Vagos) that way they'll boat in the pond. In rural settings (excluding Bayside), gangs won't spawn (even if they own the territory) without cheats or gangland rezoning codes. SANB1 (Da Nang Thang boat area) is another hassling water territory.

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