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Territory glitch not working?


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I think GTASaddict got the quotation thing straightened out. But just incase...


I have attempted the Hood Abuse Glitch many times on Xbox. "They are attacking your hood" message comes up and I left 3 or 4 members alive and attach satchels to them and would move to a new location to detonate them. It never worked. People even suggested Ocean Docks as a good new location, nothing worked. That's how I came up with my "Hood Offensive Glitch*"


The Hood Offensive Glitch [or HOG] is used to simply move territories to new locations, not gain any new ones*2 by starting a gang war. The distance is limited though because of the "You've left the fight, poor show" message will appear if you go too far. I am assuming that the Hood Abuse Glitch doesn't work on Xbox due to Rockstar's fix of the flying glitch on Saint Mark's Bistro that caused many problems for PS2 players.



*I just named it that.


*2Although the same amount of territories remain on the map I need to check to see if the stats number changes. I will update the post once I have retested it.



Anyway, I was always able to succeed with this glitch placing a satchel on just 1 attacker. I guess 3 can be done for good measure. And no, you can't leave any attacker alive because the war will continue and no additional glitched territory will be gained. Like I said, doing this you must be quick as venturing out too long halts an attack and causes loss of influence.


Was this the Hood Abuse Glitch [which is started by defending your turf] or the Hood Offensive Glitch [which is started by starting a gang war]?

Edited by DarrinPA
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Well, Ruth, you did it again, though this time not as bad. This time, one of the quotes is intact, but it still looks like I made the comment. When quoting a user who quoted another users text, it's best to quote conventionally with quotations marks (such as these: "quotation marks") or if you insist on the blue bar, this way:



IIRC, you play on the Xbox version and have reported difficulties getting some of the turf glitches known to work on PC and PS2 to work correctly in your game. Since your observations on other matters seem to be fairly accurate I've come to the conclusion that gang wars are a little difference on Xbox (pending confirmation from other Xbox users).



You are correct. The main glitch that most people use (which I believe is called the Hood abuse glitch) is when a "defend your territory" notice appears. That never worked for me. I instead start a gang war and go through all 3 waves, except I leave the last guy alive and place a satchel bomb on him. Because this is a gang war that I started I can't go too far without abandoning the war. So I go to a non-gang colored area within sight. It then takes a random territory and makes it grey, thus moving it rather expanding the amount of territories.


That way, no username is included when quoting a quote within a quote. Either way, my previous post (and Darrins) should have cleared it up.


Anyway, back on topic. Wow, on the PS2, the popup when a territory is attacked reads: "Our hood is under attack" instead of: "They are attacking your hood", so that's interesting. Remember, the satchel method (otherwise known as "hood abuse") only works when defending a territory that comes under attack and not provoking an attack on rival territory. Sometimes satchel charges (in general) fail to detonate when you go too far, so when you've tried it, did you hear a beep or a boom? If there was a boom ending the sequence and no new territory was unlocked, that confirms this is incompatible on Xbox; If there was a beep, that means the satchels didn't detonate and it's unconfirmed. The territories will be very light green instead of the typical dark green and Grove boys will appear less often. It's more hassling than it's worth, considering the low density derived from it.


Also, here's a map that illustrates the territory zones. This should help you understand how far is "too far" to stray out when doing this. Note that you may need to click the map when it pops up to zoom in for a better view.



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I've gotten territories as far as LV&SF, using the defending glitch. Does the offensive glitch only work on XBOX? Or has it been confirmed on PS2 and PC?


Come to think of it. The offensive glitch, would probably be a lot tougher than the defensive one.

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I've never managed to get the "offensive" glitch to work on PS2. PC is too hard for me to play, so I can't confirm in that regard.


Territories I've gained from the "defensive" glitch have never came under attacks of their own, presumably because the densities are so low. However, you can repeat to increase the density.

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Takes a lot of patience and time. To UP the densities, with the satchel trick.

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You didn't mention whether you have PAL or NTSC (NTSC is North America whereas PAL is the rest of the world) and whether you play v1 (original) or v2 (Special Edition). Platinum = PAL v2.

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My recommendation: Just purchase a cheat device (Codebreaker, Gameshark, Action Replay Max) instead. High density territory codes can be enabled within 10 minutes in comparison to low density territories derived from the satchel method which can takes hours.


@ArmedJudas47T: You didn't specify whether you play on PS2, PS3, XBOX or PC. If you play on PC, go to the modding sections; If you play on PS2, I can provide you bushels of splendid codes; If you play on XBOX or PS3, I don't know what to tell you.

Edited by GTASAddict
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The densities of glitched turfs can be increase more rapidly my modifying the old satchel trick. When an attack is announced trigger the attack and then go to the zone where you want increase density. Kill 3 Vagos or Ballas that aren't part of the attack in rapid succession. You need to get the 3rd kill based on the same requirements as starting a gang war, but since the attack is on the war won't start or provide any kind of notice, so you just need to know that you've got the 3rd kill. Cancel the attack using an R3 mission without killing any of the targets. The attacking gang should get the maximum added density, 18 IIRC. If you want grove density then start a war and take over the turf.


BTW, before the attack is triggered you can kill 3 ballas or vagos while standing in a zone controlled by Aztecas (or other gangs, but that's a lot trickier) and Aztecas will show up for the attack and gain the density when it's cancelled. This trick of changing the attacking gang before the attack is referred to as the Mastermind Glitch. Changing the turf again after the attack has been triggered is called the Pomor Maneuver.

Edited by OrionSR
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Will the greatest hits version work

A reliable user (That Grove Street Homie) informed me that the fly off the map method does not work on the Greatest Hits/Special Edition/Trilogy. However, he did inform me the satchel method does work on the Greatist Hits/Special Edition/Trilogy.

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How do i use satchel on attackers and get new territories Gtasaddict

Wait for a territory to come under attack, kill most of the attackers leaving 1 or a few, place a satchel charge on the survivors, leave the area, go to a grey territory and detonate. The grey area will then turn green. Obviously, you'll need to use cheats, codes or something to stay alive because of all the bullets that will hit you.

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When you attack a rivals territory or a rival attacks your territory, a small zone flashes. See what I mean?

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Actually, you can takeover territories wherever you want.


As I said earlier in the topic: Just purchase a code device (Codebreaker, Gameshark, Action Replay Max) instead. High density territory codes can be enabled within 10 minutes in comparison to low density territories derived from the satchel method which can takes hours.

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Cant afford gameshark and action replays right now. So u wait for an attack then place a satchel on a rival gang member then leave war area then it turns grey and dentate and turns green. Okay will there be a new territory that will pop up?

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Pretty inexpensive if you ask me: http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/PS2-Act...__EF000306.aspx


Perhaps an example will help you. Takeover Verona Beach, wait for it to come under attack, place a satchel charge on all adversaries, leave to an area where there is no gang presence (such as Market), and then detonate. You'll then have a new territory. Make sure to do this quickly though.

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How do i use satchel on attackers and get new territories Gtasaddict

To follow up what Addict said, Follow these links. It's more like you leave 3-4 alive, stiçk satchel on all except one. OH MAKE SURE YOU EITHER HAVE THE DS OR SPAZ-12(COMBAT SHOTGUN).


http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php? showtopic=449982&hl=

http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php? showtopic=472819&hl=

http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php? showtopic=263842&hl=

(@ Addict)

I have NTSC & GH'S. I had PAL but, I gave it away.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Even though the satchel method is the most time consuming method for such a low density, it's probably the most rewarding in the long run; you feel good about maintaining patience.

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it's probably the most rewarding in the long run; you feel good about maintaining patience.

Finally someone who agrees with me. smile.gif


The method does take alot of patience.

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The method does take alot of patience.

Not to mention retries; go out for too long without detonation, and you have to try again.

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You don't have to use the satchels you know. All that is required is to kill 3 ballas or Vagos in the zone you want to be taken over by GSF. Once you kill them, go to where the territory is under attack and kill all the attackers whilst in a car, if you do it on foot this wont work. So do a drive by, this is where proofed cars actually come in really useful.


So basically any territory that is next to a ballas/vagos territory can be made a GSF by doing this as you can get them to spawn nearby.


Alternatively you could also lure all the attacking gang members into any zone you want on foot and just shoot them while in that zone, finish the defence that way.


I recommend checking out the little guide I made on this subforum somewhere that should go a little more in depth on what you can or cant do.

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  • 2 months later...

One question about the Flying off glitch:

Does it activate the huge territory san_and, (the biggest territory in the game, the whole San Andreas)? If so, is it colored?



Because when I use the satchel trick it does activate it in a way, because I can see grove members driving in this territory, but its color doesn't appear on the map and also it is not counted in the stats. You can access this territory on a small portion of the map south of whetstone, near shady creeks.


I also managed to use other glitch to put ballas density on this one and also worked.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've always wondered the same thing, but I dunno if it's been confirmed. However, you can glitch the major cities LS/SF/LV, but they only appear on an area where it says " Los Santos, San Fierro, etc...."


That's because you need to detonate over and over to make the density stronger. The stronger the density the more the gang appears.


Edited by BabeRuth
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