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Wanting to learn to Script

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Hey guys. Apologies if this is the wrong place, but I really need some help. I know there's lots of different programming languages, Java, C++ etc; but I don't know which one to choose. I'm also unsure how the programs work. I have no knowledge of scripting, I did make a Flash game in College but I don't remember much. In Flash at least, there is a coding section as well as actually importing images, etc. Is it the same for other languages?


Say you were using Notepad+ or something to script, and wanted to make a ball bounce up and down, would you use another program to design the ball? I'm unsure how you'd actually combine an object and a string of code.


I don't suppose anyone could just give me some advice on which language would be best to start off with, and if anyone had any links to tutorials I could follow to get the basics of the program.


My dream would be to create a zombie survival game ("wow, original!"). Scripting would start off just as my own little hobby, constantly improving my skills over time. I know you'd start of small, probably making something as basic as a point-and-click game, but just getting the basics would help improve my confidence and knowledge to move onto bigger and better things.


Thanks in advance, it is much appreciated.

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Basically, flash works as if you already have an engine which you script. The engine takes care of importing images and other resources for you. If you are writing a game completely from scratch, you'll have to do this. It involves asking operating system to open a file and get you a handle to it, reading the binary data from the file, constructing corresponding structures and memory, and when you need it, sending the necessary data to sound or graphics API to actually have something happen.


In contrast, you can work with a game engine that's already been designed. Try Unity. It has an interface that lets you import resources, and you can code it in Java Script, which is not that different from how you'd write a Flash game.


Of course, you still have to design the individual resources, be they images, 3D models, or sounds. Each one is an art of its own.

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