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Memories Reminiscent of Yesterday.

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Just a short comedy I wrote in 29 minutes.


Memories Reminiscent of Yesterday.


*Alarm Buzzing*

*Connor wakes up and stretches/moans*

*Checks alarm and notices its 1 PM*


Connor: Oh my god it’s so late in the day, what time did we go to bed

*No response*

*Connor opens eyes*

Connor: What the- where is everyone?

*Connor walks around room looking for signs of them, then proceeds to look around house*

Connor: Ok this is weird, it’s not even April fool’s day anymore so I don’t know what they’re doing… I should call Olly

*Ring Ring*

Olly: Hello?

Connor: Olly its Connor, where did you guys go last-

Olly: Ugh, I already told you not to talk to us, are you stupid or something?

*Hangs up*

*Connor calls back*

Olly: What!?

Connor: It’s not even April fool-


*hangs up*

Connor: What does he mean “us” why is he so pissed off? What did I even do yesterday?

Connor: I remember Jed tricked me into drinking boiling water

*Cut to Connor drinking boiling water (Jed and Olly laughing in background)*

Connor: OW! sh*t!

*Cut back*

Connor: Olly made me eat dirt

*Cut to that scenario*

Connor: Olly did you bring the brownies?

Olly: Yeah, I’ll go and get them

*Olly walks into kitchen alone and swaps Connors brownie for dirt brownie (Not actual dirt obviously)*

Olly: Here Jed

Jed: Thanks

*Jed eats his brownie*

*Olly eats his*

Olly: Connor yours is on the counter

Connor: Thanks

*Connor takes a bit*


*Spits it on floor*

*Jed and Olly laugh*

*Cut back to Connor*

Connor: I didn’t even do anything that bad to them, I only hid Jeds clothes bag and put toothpaste on Olly’s face… You know what I bet it’s just Olly trying to mess around with me, I’ll call Jed

*Calls Jed*

Connor: Hey Jed, Olly’s being really weird, he’s saying to “leave us alone” what the hell’s his problem

Jed: Wow, I can’t believe you. Maybe think about yesterday, yeah?

Connor: But I don’t rem-

*Hangs up*

Connor: FOR GODS SAKE this is ridiculous

Connor: I know, I’ll call Luca, he didn’t sleep round but he has “psychic” (say in a sarcastic tone) powers so I bet he knows what happened…

*Phone Ringing*

Connor: Hi Luca I-

Luca: No I don’t know why Jed and Olly are pissed off with you

*Hangs up*

Connor: Well that was blunt, yet also weird… How did he even know?

Connor: I’m gonna call Olly again

*Rings Olly*

Olly: Hel-

Connor: Look I don’t know what I did but before you get pissed and hang up just tell me what I did

Olly: You aren’t even funny, you know what you did. Stop attention seeking

Connor: For gods sake, I clearly don't remember. Just bloody tell me

*Olly Hangs up*

Connor: Oh my god.

*3 hours later*

*Connor lying in bed looking depressed*

*Connor gets text*

Connor: Finally, I bet that's them telling me their joke is over or something

*Connor reads text out loud*

“Connor, if you’re sorry for what you did then come over to my house and just apologise to us”

Connor: That is totally RIDICULOUS I’m gonna go over there and have a huge go at them, they’re being SO unreasonable.

*Cut to Connor at Jeds/Ollys house*

*Knocks on door*

*Door opens but no one at door, Connor goes to say something before realising no one is there*

Connor: Umm hello?

*No response*

Connor: Look I don’t know what you’re doing but seriously, it’s ridiculous just talk to me and tell me what the hell I did that was so bad…

*Connor hears noise in lounge*

Connor: Ohh… I wonnddeerr where they areee (Sarcastic tone) little babies are playing hide and seek now

*Connor walks in*

Connor (Angry Voice): Ok I’m done now, if you don’t want to be my friends then fine, don’t even explain what the hell I did wrong, you’re both as bad as the last friend that became a complete twat, I’m le-

Jed and Olly: APRIL FOOLS

Connor: -ving… what?

Jed: April Fools

Connor: Riighhtt but it’s April 2nd?

Olly: Nope, April 1st, look on any website that says the date

*Connor looks at computer screen* (Screen not on Camera)

Connor: But why does everything in my house say April 2nd… and where the hell were you guys this morning?

Jed: Well basically the day we came to your house we set the dates on everything forward 1 day so on March 31st it said April 1st, and we did all our “april fools” and you didn’t even realise we’d skipped a day

Olly: Then when I woke up at 9, I woke Jed up, we got dressed then left

Connor: But- But-

Olly: Do we need to explain it any more?

Connor: No but that was a bloody great april fools prank, now who wants to come back to my house

Jed and Olly: Sure

Connor: And turn back allll my things back to April 1st










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The format is a little off. If you're trying to write this like a script, it's not hard to format it.


Memories Reminiscent of Yesterday.




An alarm buzzes loudly. Somebody groans and a hand slaps down on the device. A sigh is heard. Connor, 20, checks it. 1PM. Oh no!




Oh my god it’s so late in the day, what time did we go to bed?


SILENCE. Connor's eyes open and he looks around. The room is empty.




What the- where is everyone?


He gets up. He looks around. He starts to scan the room for traces of everyone else.




Okay, this is weird. It’s not even April fool’s day anymore so I don’t know what they’re doing… I should call Olly


A phone rings.






See how it's much easier on the eyes like this? As for the story itself it's neither here nor there. Would you continue this?

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