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Problem with Stunt Boat Challenge


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Got a wild hair to play GTA again, and settled on Vice City, since that was one of the most fun games of the series for me.


Been doing fine, but hit a little wall with the mission "Stunt Boat Challenge". Most of the time I'm not getting over the golf

course at the beginning, and even if I do, I run out of time with a couple waypoints left. I checked out a video on Youtube,

and seemed funny that the boat in the video was going noticeably faster than the boat in the game.


By the way, this is the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy collection, being played on Windows 7.


Any suggestions on how to fix this? Do the versions on Steam also have this problem? Thanks in advance!


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Do you have any mods installed? It's strange that you occur such a bug, maybe try to turn the Frame Limiter ON / OFF? Not sure if it'd help that much, but you can try. To do that, go to Options -> Display Setup -> Frame Limiter.


Are you sure you're following the course correctly and taking sharp turns? You might also try to remove your gta_vc.set file located in the Vice City User Files folder. And maybe, upload your save game here, and I'll check if it happens here too.

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I've read of the frame limiter causing problems with the seaplane getting enough speed to take off-- so toggling it on (or off) may affect the boat's speed... certainly worth a try.

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Weird. That was the problem. Turned the Frame Limiter back on, and finished it with over 30 seconds to spare the first try.


Thanks a bunch! smile.gif


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Thank YOU for posting that back-- I will try and add that to the pinned bug list when I get a chance...






DONE-- Added #32 to the buglist and linked back to this thread....


Buglist is located HERE


Moved to troubleshooting...

Edited by Spuds725
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  • 4 months later...
why does this boat not handle good at all on the PS2 version

That's weird, it should handle the same as in the PC and XBOX version.

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  • 3 months later...

Well, i have very weird & big problem. When i try reach 21st checkpoint (second platform) i failed mission with text: "You killed Rico". No matter how many start this mission, always when i touch platform, Rico is dead. Please, help me. This is first time when i have this bug.

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^ That sounds like another frame limiter issue. Enable it to eliminate the glitch. I suggest that you leave it on since those older GTA games don't work well with it turned off.

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I had enable frame limiter, but you gave me a clue. When i disable this, i jump normally but on next platform Rico was dead. But thanks this i found solution. Decrease speed to minimum before platform and then accelerate boat. Little tricky but it work.

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