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How to create spinning images ?

Nobita Nobie

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Nobita Nobie

So , after learning spinning text , now i want to know how to create spinning images ? For e.g , Lets suppose ( I am not requesting ) . I want this image spinning


user posted image


How can i make this only spinning ? Or for example , i want to crop out myself from this pic and want to make it spnning and transparent , how can i do it ??

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Have you tried looking at this tutorial on making spinning avatars?


You should try using the search function next time.

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Yeah it's explained in the tutorial.

There is however even easier way. You don't need a transparent crop in fact. You can use that image straight out for a texture. But You need a wmf, emf, or xara vector file. Outline for the model. Import the image to vector app, create outline by trace or bezier tool, save vector as emf. Import it to xara, add texture.


When model is complex, then I suggest creating a black cut-out png for tracing.


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