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How to put image inside text ?

Nobita Nobie

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So i was just visiting this forum , somewhere saw this image, how to put image in text??


user posted image


How to do like this ??

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In Photoshop?

Add your text layer on top of the picture layer, give it a stroke. Then in layer tools box change the fill from 100% to 0%. Move picture layer to desired position.

Select with wand outside the text, and additionally inside O, A and other possible closed letters. Invert selection, change to picture layer and delete.

Add effects., like a drop shadow.


There are many other ways to do it also. That´s just one way that popped in my head.


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Or the easiest method, add the image over the wanted text then select Layer->Create Clipping Mask (Alt+Ctrl+G)


Moved to Visual Arts.

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I didnt get both of you . Please make a tutorial on that with images.


EDIT: Thanks ! Both of you . NS6 was easy. I did it.

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